Expectations Always Hurt

You Know what I like the best in me that I never expect anything from anyone , sometimes i feel bad just because i want to be stay alone. Now a days people fall in love and after that they started expectation from their partner. I feel this is the not right way to love someone or approach
If you love someone , love them unconditionally without any expectations . Love means to give and not to expect that you will also get in return
It can be any relation , friendship , husband & wife , with parents , with kids.
In some stage where we need a someone who will take care and give attention in our life ,
but it’s not necessary that we will blessed with this . So it’s really better to start loving yourself and find happiness in yourself , cause you’re the one who can bring happiness in your life and I think that’s the best way to lead a life happily , so better to stop expecting anything from anyone

2 thoughts on “Expectations Always Hurt”

  1. Tht is sooo true it makes one’s life so peacefully happy☺☺

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