Yummy Tummy Cornflakes Delight

Though its

time of Mango season, I always wanted my kids to eat mango once a day at least ..but they just hate to eat.. sometimes they give it to their friends when I give it in the tiffin….and at home they just run away from here and there…whenever I asked them to eat.. mango or to drink mango shake…

So one day I decided to make something different… and give a twist… so that maybe they will start craving for mango…

I make summer mango delight by adding all their favorite items like chocolate cake, cornflakes, cream… Raisins. And you cant believe they just love to have this new dish .. I feel so relaxed that at last my efforts paid off.

So here I am sharing the recipe with you

For 1 glass


Chocolate cake – 1 small pc

Vanilla cake – 1 small pc

Cornflakes – 1 1/2 tbsp

Whipped cream – 1 tbsp

Mango -‘1/2’cutted into small pcs

Cocunut powder – 1 tsp

Cut almond – 1 Tsp

Cashewnut – 1tsp

Raisins – 1tsp

Method –

Take 1 glass then arrange a slice of chocolate cake then mango,cornflakes after that arrange vanilla cake spread raisins , cashew nuts then cover with whipped cream and decorate with coconut powder and cut almonds. And here it’s ready to eay

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8 thoughts on “Yummy Tummy Cornflakes Delight”

  1. Too yummy…I will surely try…plz share some tiffin recipes as well as my son is a very fussy eater

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