11th Dec- An unforgettable black day for Guwahati & its residents.

It was a typical everyday morning; everything was going in the usual routine way. I had sent my kids to school, then I got busy in household chores, suddenly I was alarmed by a loud noise from the street. I rushed to my colony to find out the cause and what I saw, was a big crowd who was running towards the main road from my by-lane. I was seeing that something was burning on the main road, as there was smoke in the air.

When I enquired my neighbor, they told me the whole situation. I got quite panic after listening to them and called my brother to pick my kids from school and take them to their home as there was no violence happening in their area.

Meanwhile, I had a conversation with the school staff over the telephone and requested them to send my kids with my brother. And also requested them to close the school for the coming few days as the situation is not good at all in the city. I said to them that I am not going to send my kids in this tensed situation, no matter if they have to miss their test/exams.

The 3 hours were very stressful until my brother and my kids & one more kid was there with my brother who was my hubby’s cousin daughter who haven’t reached the home safely.

The condition in my area was getting worse with the passage of time. Consequently, government had to declare curfew from 6.15 and switch off the internet from 7 pm for 24 hours. (Which extend to more than 9 days) It was a very scary and stressful night for me as I was all alone at home.

Next morning when I wake up, it was a peaceful situation till 10 am but then again the violence started. I by myself witnessed, how people are carrying lots of tyre in one hawker, bottles of petrol, and stones in their hand, and the shocking part to see small kids were joining them to take part

I am also not in support of CAB but I trust our PM MODI JI. I feel that whatever decision he had taken there must be something good for all the people of this country.

But the way the situation worsened was not good at all. This is not the way to deal with the situation i.e. dealing with violence by burning cars, buses, throwing a stone on police van, etc. Those 48 hours was a very tough phase for me, I was not able to go to my parents home neither I can call my kids at my place all because of the situation as well as the curfew. Even a video call was not possible for me to see my kids. I was feeling quite helpless and all I can look forward to was to keep myself calm. Handling the situation was getting tough for me, I have to eat the food just to stay fit and healthy to join my kids with same energy when they come back to home again.

After going through that situation, I can now understand how people of Kashmir and other places people feels when they are trapped in such a situation. It is rightly said that only the person who has been pricked by a thorn can understand the pain. As I am now seeing that places like Delhi, Lucknow, Meerut, UP are also going through the similar situation, I am really worried how all these riots and violence can be stopped.

For the first time in my life, I was facing it all alone as kids are at parent’s place, my in-laws family & hubby are out of the station. So, we all were helpless to meet each other at that time. My kids have to stay in one cloth only by wearing my mom’s & brother dress because it was an unplanned visit of my kids to my parent’s home.

I literally experienced, how in just a moment the whole situation of my city changed from a happy place to a tensed place. It became quite difficult for everyone to get things, all the shops were closed, so we have to use the items very carefully.

It was a winning situation for some shoppers as they started charging double or even triple price for the daily essential items. But I am glad to meet a shopkeeper who was selling all the products at the same price and was so nice to us.

After two days the shop opened and we all rushed to get all the things to store at our home. Though some items were not available like potato, onion, Maggie and more but somehow it we managed to buy the daily chore items.

I would just like to say that using violence and taking the law and order in your hands will not solve any problem. We can solve it by mutual discussions after all it’s the development and progress of the country that matters the most for us. By damaging the public property and infrastructure, which in fact is developed by our own hard earned money which we pay in the form of taxes, we are indirectly hampering our own development as country’s development is nothing but the progress and development of its residents.

And it’s a request please don’t involve small kids in this violence, they are very soft-hearted. Just imagine class-5,6 students seeing all these violent acts with their innocent eyes? It gives a wrong message to them as they start interpreting things in their own way.

Hope to see my city back in a happy situation that has gone through a rough phase in the last one week.

Praying to God that no one has to ever face this situation in his or her life, especially parents.

17 thoughts on “11th Dec- An unforgettable black day for Guwahati & its residents.”

  1. I am shocked to see such conditions in an independent country
    This is so not good.
    Too much violence , hatered, anger
    Hope everything is fully under control soon

  2. Really very bad about this incident.. hope never happen this again with anyone..

  3. Bahut mushkil tym tha, per accha hai ki bacche safe hatho me thy
    Violence kisi bhi problem ka solution nahi hai, sabko ye baat samjhni chaiye
    Hum bhi us din train se travel kar rahy thy n baal baal bache
    Hope ki sab jaldi thik ho jaye

  4. I can imagine what you guys went through. Even Delhi to received the same rush hours. But I believe I Modiji’s decision. We just have to stand strong.

  5. Oh God, I’m sure the days were difficult to pass when such things are happening around and below your house, you were alone and you must be in fear can only imagine what must be your emotional state. True said kids should never be involved and more than that I will say such protests should stop and never happen.

    1. Yes, such protest needs to stop and I really wish it never happen in future. I can’t even remind those bad days

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