Benefits of Kalonji Oil (black seeds)

Well the season of autumn is on its way to end and the season of winter is around the corner. A season which is characterized by freezing cold temperatures, usually exacerbated by strong winds. A season where we all crave for the much awaited sunshine. It is indeed my most favorite season but it is accompanied with dry skin and dry hair and to prevent them extra care, nourishment and hydration is required. I generally avoid applying chemicals on my skin and hairs, and try to use natural products so as to maintain the natural glow of the skin as well as to keep my hair and skin in good health.

In this post of mine I would be telling about one such product which I recently came across that will ensure to prevent such problems. The name of the product is – Natural Sure Kalonji Oil (BLACK SEED OIL).

You may be wondering about the Black Seed. Well, Black seed is also known as black caraway, black onion seeds, black cumin, and Kalonji. is widely used for its many health benefits and therapeutic uses since many years. Furthermore, black seed oil has many health and cosmetic benefits like improving skin tone, weight loss, prevent cancer, reduce inflammation and diabetes. It is often added to massage oils, fragrances, homemade skin-care products, and shampoos.

Being a product from the renowned brand NATURE SURE that has given us 100% natural and pure products, this Kalonji Oil certainly meets the expectations in every aspect. I have been using it from the past one month and the results are truly amazing.

Prepared from high-grade Nigella seeds, this product from Nature Sure™ is totally undiluted and is widely used for pain relief, metabolism, intestinal deworming, digestion, joints, acne and pimples, protecting vital organs, eye sight, breathing related issues, period pains, strengthening bones, immunity, aiding breastmilk secretion in lactating mothers, hepatic function among others. One can apply it locally or you can consume it orally too.

Due to increased pollution in my city, my hairs were quite affected as a result I was suffering from hairfall, hair breakage, flakiness and split ends and also my skin was also losing its natural glow and wrinkles stated to appear on it. When I shared this problem of mine with one of my friend, she recommended this Kalonji Oil to me. On her advice I started applying Nature Sure Kalonji oil regularly. Within a week hairfall was quite reduced as well as I noticed regrowth and shine in my hair. Kalonji Oil helped to enhance the natural glow of my skin. I am simply in love with this product.

Let me sum up the benefits of the NATURE SURE KALONJI OIL (BLACK SEED OIL) for easy understanding.

· 100% pure, cold-pressed oil extracted from Nigella sativa (Kalonji, Blackseed) seeds

· Prevent hair loss and treat baldness by nourishing scalp and hair shafts.

· Useful in treating sleep disorders.

· Useful in reducing weight and glucose levels.

· Useful in diabetes and hypertension

· Useful for migraine and headache

· Helps in preventing skin disease

· Acts as pain reliever.

· Can be applied locally or consumed orally.

After going through all the amazing benefits of Kalonji Oil by Nature Sure all I can say that it is truly an ‘Elixir Of Good Health’. Available in a green plastic color bottle in a cardbox at quite an affordable price, Nature Sure™ Kalonji Oil is made from high grade, finest quality natural ingredients under stringent quality control. Being 100% natural it can be used in different ways as per the need. I am really satisfied with the result of this product on my skin and hairs and have now started using it for weight loss too. Courtesy to the miraculous benefit of this NATURE SURE KALONJI OIL, I would recommend you to do give it a try so as to enjoy a healthy life after all Health is the real wealth…….Isn’t it?

NOTE: It would be better to consult your physician in case you are consuming this oil orally and also avoid excess consumption of Kalonji.

8 thoughts on “Benefits of Kalonji Oil (black seeds)”

  1. Kalonji health k liye bahut acchi hoti hai, daily consume karna chaiye
    Kalonji oil maine husband k liye liya tha, unka hair fall ruk gaya n new hairs bhi aaye, haan daily raat ko laga kar mrng me hair wash karty thy
    2 bottles use kiya maine

  2. This is really informative product review.. I know this is one of the best in the market.

  3. There are definitely so many benefits of this oil.
    It’s surely a must add to the daily food routine.

  4. Never tried Kalonji oil in my life but your review makes me excited to know more about its benefits and use it in future. Thank you for sharing!

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