4 Reasons Your Child Needs High Quality Protein

Me: Take out your books and get ready with the laptop as your online classes are going to start.

Praveer: Yes, mumma! I am coming.

Me: Hurry up beta! It’s already 11 AM! You will miss the lectures.

With so many changes in our daily life this has become a daily routine in our family!Now, I have to spend more time with my kid to ensure that he understands the various concepts as his classes are happening online. A few days back, while teaching him science, I came across a chapter that deals with nutrition. It explains about the energy-giving food such as carbohydrates, fats and body-building food such as proteins that help in the growth and repair of body cells. After reading it I was quite curious to know about the importance of high-quality protein for the body so as to ensure proper growth and development of my child.

I surfed online and consulted my family doctor regarding the same. So, in this post of mine I will be sharing with you four reasons children need high quality protein.

1) Protein – A Macronutrient

The body needs various nutrients in different amounts. Some nutrients are required in more quantity while some others are required in fewer amounts. Protein being a macronutrient means that the body needs it in relatively large amounts to stay healthy.
Furthermore, unlike carbohydrates and fats that get stored, our body has no reservoir for proteins to draw from it when the body is running low on proteins. Proteins get converted into amino acids in the body.

For example, whey and casein, which are naturally found in milk, are high-quality proteins that contain all of the amino acids that the body needs.

2) Growth and Maintenance

Protein needs of kids are significantly higher per pound of body weight than an adult needs. The reason is that their body is growing, developing, and a growing body needs nutrition consequently demanding nutrients to get this job done. Proteins are also a unique component of hormones and enzymatic proteins that are important in the growth of the body’s supporting structures such as muscles, collagen, hair, etc.

3) Increase Muscle Mass and Strength

Proteins are called as building blocks of muscles. Therefore, it is important to eat requisite amounts of proteins to maintain muscle mass and promote muscle growth. As kids are in the stage of development, it becomes a lot more essential for them to eat an adequate amount of protein.

4) Repair Body After Injury

We all know that kids love to play and hence lead an active lifestyle as they have a reservoir of energy 😉. While doing so they can suffer injuries. Protein can help the body repair after it has been injured. This makes perfect sense as it forms the main building blocks of tissues and organs. Many studies concluded that eating more protein after an injury can help speed up recovery.

Let me summarize the benefits of adding high-quality protein in your child’s diet:

• Reducing muscle loss
• Building lean muscle
• Helps to maintain a healthy weight
• Curbs hunger
• Speedy recovery after injury

So, these reasons make high-quality protein an important component of a child’s plate. But as we all know that children are quite choosy when it comes to eating and if you are having trouble getting enough protein on the plate, high-quality protein-rich drinks can be one solution.PediaSure  contains high-quality protein that can act as an insurance plan for protein. Formulated with 37 nutrients including high-quality protein, PediaSure provides complete, balanced nutrition for children aged 2 years and above to help support height & weight gain, immunity & brain development.

I am giving PediaSure to my kid and he loves to drink it too. In fact, when I told my sister-in-law about it, she also started giving it to her kids. Now all three cousins love to drink it. In fact, it has become a daily routine for all three to drink their glass of PediaSure while having a chit-chat over a video call!




6 thoughts on “4 Reasons Your Child Needs High Quality Protein”

  1. Thanks, very well explained. I agree. Child’s immunity is really important, and that’s why high quality protien is required.

  2. Child’s immunity is so important and protein plays a great role in this case . Very nice ,well explained post.

  3. It’s truly eye-opening to learn about the importance of high-quality protein for children’s growth and development. As a parent, ensuring our kids get the nutrients they need is paramount, especially during these times of online learning and increased physical activity. I appreciate the insightful breakdown of how protein contributes to muscle mass, strength, and recovery after injury.

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