5 Intimate Hygiene Products Must Haves For New Moms

5 Intimate Hygiene Products Must Haves for New Moms

We know how excited you were to see your newborn baby. You went through a lot of struggles and finally, the tiny tot is here with you. It’s common to have some amount of postpartum bleeding, perineal pain, vaginal itching and sore nipples after your delivery. Don’t stress out, kick back and relax. You and your body both need time to recover. In addition to rest, you need to have a healthy diet to help you do that. The weight that you gained during pregnancy helps build stores for your recovery and for breastfeeding. After delivery, you need to eat a healthy and balanced diet and maintain hygiene not only with regards to your body but also intimate areas so you can be healthy and fit.

Here are a few intimate products that every new mom should use:

Intimate Wash:

This Clovias’s Gal Pal Intimate wash for new moms helps in avoiding any vaginal infections. During pregnancy, it is very essential to maintain the feminine hygiene of your urinary area. Try Clovia’s gal Pal Intimate wash that is enriched with essential oils and is ideal for women during & after pregnancy. It helps in the proper cleansing of the intimate area and gives you a fresh feeling throughout the day. Its triple-action formula not only cleanses but also lightens and tightens the vagina.This product from Clovia is completely safe & has all-natural ingredients like tea tree oil, gooseberry extracts, aloe vera and piper betel that helps in maintaining a healthy vaginal pH.

Himalaya Intimate Wipes FOR MOMS:

Himalaya FOR MOMS intimate wipes are specially formulated for mild cleansing of the vaginal area to give a fresh feeling throughout the day. Yeah, the intimate wash can be used during bath and at home, wipes can be used throughout the day whenever you need to feel fresh. These wipes contain lavender oil that helps in eliminating odor and pongamia oil which helps in reducing itching, irritation and dryness.

Maternity Pads:

Maternity pads are completely different from usual pads. Maternity pads are made to provide special comfort and hygiene. These help in providing a cushioning effect, soothe vaginal soreness after birth.

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Cotton hipster panties:

It’s common to have some amount of postpartum bleeding so you will need a set of cotton hipster panties to soothe you through the haphazard cycle of the first week. This works really well for the moms with surgery and to hold the pad tight and to let your skin breathe. These hipster panties let the pad stay in the right place and give you maximum support.

Himalaya FOR MOMS Nipple Care Butter:

Tired of cracked nipples? Want relief? A good nipple care cream can be a boon if you have cracked or sore nipples. It is best to use a product that has natural ingredients since that’s where your baby is going to get his/her feed from. So, the solution is nipple care butter from Himalaya FOR MOMS range. It not only heals the cracked nipples but also prevents further cracking and soreness. So this can be the best product to overcome this problem.

Feeding Bras:

Feeding can be a problem if you wear a regular bra. But you also want some support for your fully loaded breast right? So the best solution is picking Feeding Bras. This Clovia feeding bras let you easily breastfeed your baby without removing your whole bra. It is made with breathable cotton spandex fabric at keeps you at comfort all day long. And are non-padded & non-wired. It features a flap at the front for convenient feeding access which can be handled by a single hand.

Hope this information taught you to be healthy for you and your baby. Hygiene is very important to be healthy so choose the right products and stay healthy.

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