5 Reason why you should switch over from protein shake to smoothies.

Protein shakes have been widely popular among gym- junkies. It is the preferred go- to drink post a sweat shesh. Smoothies on the other hand, have been trusted by busy professionals as a quick grab- and – go meal. But which one is really better and are the two very different from each other?

Protein Shakes:

Born right out of the kitchen of bro- science, mix a scoop of protein powder with water and voila! You have your shake ready. Most people carry a scoop of protein powder with them to the gym for it’s ease of availability and quick source of nutrition.


A smoothie on the other hand is technically a yogurt- based drink, often blended with raw fruits and vegetable to make it rich in carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients. Smoothies are a full meal in a glass. They may or may not be high in proteins, but are loaded with essential nutrients and immunity boosting agents.

(See the above transformation in skin and body weight after switching to smoothies)


1. Multivitamins

Proteins are only powdered forms of plant proteins or that coming from eggs and milk. People who rely only on protein shakes for gaining strength and body power, really miss on the nutrition level. Smoothies can provide us vitamins, carbs, calcium and anti-oxidants which builds our immunity and resistance abilities. . Smoothies on the other hand are loaded with pre and probiotics coming in form fibre and yogurts. Protein shakes are often difficult to digestwithout these probiotics.

2. Meal Replacement

People who are really looking to shed off the extra weight usually replace their meals with drinks and protein shakes. But protein shakes are not meal replacements. They are generally high in processed sugar content and calories, which becomes a high risk for diabetes or cardiac patients. Whereas smoothies can be combined with multiple fruits and vegetables together, are easily digestible and can be used as meal replacements. Smoothies find a balance between all macros and not porteins alone.

3. 5 Minute Breakfast

Protein shakes are often consumed to avoid catabolism and breaking down of muscle mass in the body. Smoothies on the other hand are wholesome and besides building mass, can also help repair the body. Moreover these 5-min wholesomerecipes also act as good cleansers and help to flush out toxin build-ups in our body. Adding ingredients like ginger, lemon, turmeric, spinach, cucumber, berries, almond etc. can boost your liver and heart with stirring energy.

4. Multiple fruits and veggies

If you are someone who has a hard time consuming fruits and vegetables, smoothies are the way to go! Pick and colors of vegetables and fruits you want to combine them to make a delicious glass of salad that you can drink! Carrots, beetroots, spinach make wonderful smoothies and often used as meal replacements, whereas, you can also use any fruit you imagine, to make new recipes according to your taste and need.

5. Tastes really good

With only single bland taste of your protein shakes you have already grown weary of, you can now try different tastes with smoothies. You can divide smoothie ingredients into primary and secondary groups to make your perfect smoothie drink. While primary groups mainly consist of the main ingredients like veggies and fruits, secondary groups act as agents and taste enhancers. You may take multiple primary ingredients and only one or two secondary agents like lemon or ginger or nuts to create the ideal taste.

Recently there are different surveys and research conducted on protein powders that have already proven the presence of different heavy metals like lead, cadmium, arsenic etc. and other contaminants that might cause cancer. Even if we are blindly sure of our brands, one thing that still matters is that there is no grade on which these protein powders can be trusted or authenticated. Besides, without the presence of certain micronutrients, proteins are anyways not synthesized as well for the body.

So if you are really looking for a great shape along with an advanced immune body, you can easily think of switching to colorful smoothies. Check out RoshniSanghvi.com for
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