7 Clothing Tips that can Save a Lot of Money

If you have ‘shopaholic-ism’, this blogs for you. Rebecca Bloom wood shouldn’t be your inspiration, anyway. Or Rachel in that case. I know everyone has this unnecessary urge to put every other drool-worthy item in the cart. If only every one of us could afford to do so as well. Well, while we can’t, let’s learn some clothing tips to save money…

Trick & Treat

You need to learn the tricks of the trade. Here’s a little secret. So, every time you abandon a cart while you shop online (with or without purpose), the retailers take notice. And they do not really appreciate it. They want you to make a purchase. Little do they know that the milkman at the door couldn’t wait for
another 15 minutes until you were done shopping. However, what these retailers do know is the art of satisfying their customers. So, not always, but sometimes your abandoning a cart will earn you a discount. Because the retail store will share discount codes with you through an email. So, that it can remind you of the abandoned cart. So, why not start abandoning carts on purpose? A tad-bit naughty on your part. But, hey, you will save money! And that should make you happy. So, next time to go online shopping, you know exactly what to do (winks).

Center Of Attraction

The retailers know your mind better than you! Hence, watch out. In case, you did not know, the stores place the priciest items in the center of the store. Why do you ask? Because it’s human nature to head for the center of an outlet or store as soon as he enters. Did you know that about yourself? Told you, the shops know you better than you. Anyway, taking advantage of this psychology of yours, the shops place expensive items in the middle of the store. Therefore, steer clear of the center zone. And head to the dead zones. You will find them immediately to the left of the entrance or the extreme rear of the store. So, next time you hit a store, ditch the center zone and rush to the more favorable zones.

Quality over Quantity

Invest in good quality clothes once. Do not adopt the fast-food type of approach when it comes to clothing. Yes, buying good quality clothes will cost you. But only once in (probably) 3-4 years. Because these clothes from Khaadi UAE , though expensive, tend to have a long lifespan as well. So, you won’t have to buy yourself new clothes every year. Once you buy good quality clothes in a single season, they
will last for a good amount of time. And you might not realize but this will save you more money than discarding clothes every year just to buy new ones.

Washing is not Healthy

When it comes to clothes, too much washing and bleaching are not good for their health. It will make only make your clothes dull and worn them out. This might sound unhygienic to you and stinky too. But if you wash your clothes that often, you will also add on to the utility bills. And the cost of buying new clothes more often is an added burden. Here’s what you can try to do. Sweat less? That was meant to be
a joke. But yeah, make use of deodorants and some home remedies to keep the stink away. However,there are clothes that are kind of stink proof. Like your wool dresses or sweaters.

Tailor – Your Best Friend

So, if you find a dress or a suit or anything that you think is not exactly your fit. But you are getting it at a very cheap price. BUY IT! Do not think twice before making that purchase because you won’t find a better deal than that. The size and the loose fit does not matter that much. Because you can always take it to the tailor who will be kind enough to fix it for you. Even if your body size has changed and your clothes are loose on you, DO NOT rush to buy new ones. Get the old dresses tailored. That will save you money. And that’s what you are here for, learning hacks to save money, isn’t it?


Here’s another hack. Once you know that you are going to be visiting a particular outlet often, make friends with one of their salespeople. Ask their name. And make it a point to ask for that person every time you go shopping to that outlet. You can check their schedule with them. And always buy from them or ask for their assistance. The reason you would do is that these salespeople are working on commission most of the times. And a regular buyer is a source of income for them. So, when they
recognize you as a regular buyer, they are very likely to invite you pre-sale period. It happens a week before the actual sale starts and the insiders can shop at discounted prices in secret during that time. You are welcome.

Bulk Shopping

Buy in bulks. For example, if you go to buy a single pair of jeans, buy two. Let the salesperson know that you would purchase two if you can make use of a discount. And they will most probably find a way to slash at least 10% off your purchase. That is a pretty good deal.

It is all about smart buying and making intelligent shopping decisions. Just look out for sale season and DO NOT indulge in impulsive buying.

Happy savings!

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