8 Way Travelling Impacts Our Mental Health

There are times when you feel stuck in a rut or are clueless as to what to do next. One of the most underrated ways to deal with roadblocks is travel. Taking a vacation, change of scenery, even if it is for a few hours down the road, can work wonders for you. It has been proven scientifically that travel provides a number of mental health benefits. It is a matter of one trip which can change your outlook on life for the better.

Vacations can be full of excitement and exhilaration which gives us a much-needed break from daily hustle and bustle of life. Traveling is one of the best activities which help you to meet your inner-self and it is just as important to alleviating stress.


Here are 8 reasons why packing your suitcase is worth it all.


  • It Enhances Creativity –

Creativity is related to neuroplasticity, which means that our brains are sensitive to change, further influenced by new environments and experiences. The key to getting a boost in creativity is to immerse yourself in a place and engage in its local culture. Such open-mindedness provides you with an opportunity to embrace different ways of living on your own terms, influencing your own outlook of life. 

When you have a creative outlet, it is a great way to practice mindfulness. The more you are able to put it to use, the better it is.


  • It Affects Personality

Traveling, when it puts you out of your comfort zone, you have to adapt to those differences. Such differences strengthen the dimension of ‘openness’ of your personality. This further helps you to be less emotionally reactive to the constant changes which you face on a daily basis. Traveling also improves emotional stability. When you interact with new people, it also helps with agreeableness, which is dependent on the size of your existing social network.






  • Relieves Stress

We are a part of a very busy life, intentionally or unintentionally. This can give us the feeling of monotony. Traveling is one of the best ways to escape the stress and commitments of each day we face. It offers novelty and change in the form of new places, people, sights, and experiences. When we free ourselves from the complexities of each day, it helps us to reset our mind and the body as well, with stress relief – the primary outcome. 

Traveling is not always about exploring new places but rather escaping the old routine ones which can have a negative impact on our lives. Vacation is a key to stress management because it takes away from the monotony which contributes to our stress levels.


  • Boosted Happiness Even Before You Travel

Even before you embark upon your journey, the level of happiness goes up. The mere anticipation of going on a vacation can boost your mood manifolds. According to a survey, people are at their peak of happiness when they have a planned vacation, and they are also more positive about their health, economic situation, and general quality of life. 

It has also been suggested that anticipation of a travel experience brings out more positivity than the anticipation of buying a new possession. Money can buy happiness, it seems. (Only when you spend it on traveling :p)


  • Strengthens Relationships

The studies suggest that when we share our travel experiences with our loved ones, it makes their relationship stronger. This further has a knock-on effect on your mental well-being and self-esteem. It not only has a long-term effect on relationships, but also it helps to maintain relationships and re-ignite the long-lost spark.

Planning a trip and making any sort of compromises makes the relationship even stronger. It is an added bonus with extra quality time and the enjoyment of new experiences.



  • Changes Your Way of Thinking

When we take a break from our daily routine, we also take a break from our surroundings and habits. That provides us with an opportunity to develop new habits and distance ourselves from our daily life. This further means that you open new perspectives for yourself and you can think of new things in your life.


  • Makes You Mentally Durable

When you are traveling and living in a new place, it kinders the level of excitement in you. But at the same time, it will intimidate you since the place is unknown and people are not familiar as well. All of this combined toughens your mental health. More so, when you are faced with roadblocks while you’re on your journey, it enhances your understanding of the meaning of life and how you can adapt yourself in a new environment.


  • Self-Discovery

With traveling comes the possibility of new experiences. Your experiences and spontaneous choices make you who you are. When these experiences are acknowledged, you have the ability to react to them and you get to know yourself a little better than before.
I know a bunch of people who go on expeditions in order to lose themselves but always end up with experiences that make them learn more about themselves. Traveling is a path to self-discovery


Not every stress-related issue should be solved by visiting a counselor. Traveling can help you to boost your emotional quotient in ways you could have never imagined! 

However, if you have a serious issue then you must seek appropriate help. Of course, you can do both  – travel and visit the doctor. 


If the burdens of life are letting you down, take a moment for yourself and plan a much-needed vacation. Life will go on and on – but healing your mind should be the priority. 


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  1. After reading this, I am getting more excited to plan a trip. Some times you get busy working and your travel goals fall wayside. Such motivation required .
    Back to the Memory Lane , my last trip, still remembering during cold winters, sun steaming from the windows, comfy room,and friends .song on the spa channel, love song from the mountains. Full energy charged. Thanks for reminding

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