A guide to Deoriatal , Tugnath and Chandrashilla Trek

Popular for its spirituality and adventure, Uttarakhand has come a long way in isolating the lost wanderers who are thriving hard in their quest for peace in cities. Whether it is spirituality or the positivity of one’s mentality, the vibes that echo here will fill a soul with immense pleasure. Precisely for the trekkers of the mountains, Uttarakhand has earned great respect. Dubbed by the name of Mini Switzerland in winters, Deoriatal Chandrashila trek is a trek that you will always want to come back to. The diversity of the trek accompanied by grand views and terrific mountain settings make this one of the best treks in India.

The highest point of the trek, known as the Chandrashila peak, is situated at a whopping elevation of 13,600. In order to reach the summit and retreat back, one has to trek 30 kilometres and it will take around 5 days to successfully accomplish the trek. The best time to get along on the voyage to this breath-taking trek is during the months of February, March and April. During this time of the year, the temperatures fall as low as -10 degrees centigrade and the trail transforms into a snowy wonderland. Although this trek is delightful throughout the year, it is also advised to avoid this trek during the monsoon due to landslides and slippery trail. The difficulty level is not very high and hence novices in the Himalayan trails are welcomed. The trail is composed in such a way that you will never lose your direction.

Chandrashilla trek starts from Sari village which is a 10-hour drive from Haridwar. This is the place where the actual commencement of trek by foot proceeds. The whole trek is split up into four parts namely Deoriatal, Chopta, Tungnath and Chandrashila. Three hours into the trek, after traversing through the assorted forests of rhododendron and maple trees along with crossing a few streams, you will finally colour yourself in the solitude of the beautiful Deoriatal lake. The adorable tone of birds and blossoming of the flowers in the vicinity will entice you to seize the moment right here. There are a lot of religious beliefs that emanated at this place. Hindu belief expresses that devas used to bath in the Deoriatal lake. The lake is also reckoned to be the Indra Sarovar which was referred to in the Puranas by the Sadhus. According to Hindu mythology, this was the niche where the mighty Pandavas were inquired queries by Yaksha. Along with this, the locals also speculate that this lake was assembled by Bheem, who is renowned as the strongest man among the Pandavas, to alleviate his thrust on the recommendation of Yudhister, the wisest man among all the five.

The subsequent step from Deoriatal is Chopta via Rohini Bugyal. Following nature’s own garden trail for 15 kilometres, after clearing a beautiful forest and local shacks, we will make our way to Chopta. Chopta serves as one of the best campsites which assure an incredible view of the mountains. Watching a sunset from here is a feeling that can’t be expressed. It doesn’t matter how many times you see it, it feels new each time. There are a couple of stalls and shops that sell snacks and tea, but all of these shops close their shutters after the sun ends its all day long duty.

Thereafter, the well-defined concrete bounded boulevard will advance you to the ancient Tungnath Temple. The narrow paths wrapped with snow foregoing footprints will be a view that will oblige you to reevaluate your turbulent life in cities. Standing tall at an elevation of around 13,000 feet, this temple is the highest Shiva temple in the whole world. It is believed that Lord Rama meditated here after triumphing over Ravana. Admiring the peaceful ambience, you will realise why Lord Indra and Lord Ram used to meditate here. Surging along a steep ascent on a bulky covering of snow, you will finally reach the Chandrashila peak. As this peak is the highest peak in the vicinity, you can get clear and alluring 360 degrees panoramic view of the Garhwal ranges will snow-clad peaks. You can enjoy the delightful views of the various peaks like Chaukhamba, Nilkantha, Bandarpunch, Kedarnath and Kalanag. It doesn’t matter how many times you have failed in your life. After reaching here, you will certainly forget the failures of the past and celebrate the success of conquering the Chandrashila peak. You will return back with lots of life lessons and memories to cherish throughout your life. After all, mountains teach you lessons that a classroom can never compete.

When you get an opportunity to come close to the elegance of nature, thoughts cease and you become one with the moment, blended in the divine energy. Enchantment exists. Who can doubt it, when there are mountains and wildflowers, the symphony of the breeze and stillness of the stars? Anyone who has loved mountains has been surely caressed by this enchantment. It is such a modest and extraordinary part of the lives that we live.

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