A Letter For My Would- Be Daughter In Law

No Matter, if you don’t wake up early in the morning,
I will welcome you with an open heart,
No matter what dresses you wear,
Until and unless there is a shyness in your eyes,
When you met an elder in the family.
No matter if you don’t know how to cook,
I will cook for you, like the way I do it for my kids.
No matter if someday you don’t feel like doing any work,
You are always free to take rest.
If I am not treated well as a daughter in law,
That doesn’t mean I will treat you in the same way.
You will always be my daughter.
If you are late from work,
I will not question you; but yes will inquire about you to know; if you are ok or not as a concerned mom.
I will give you the wings to fly, to fulfil your dreams, the way you always wanted to be at your parents home.
I don’t promise, but I will try my best to make you feel like, you are at your own home.
I will always take a suggestion from you whenever there is a discussion about something in the family.
I don’t promise, but I will try to be your friend, Mom, with whom you can easily share what you feel like.
I will not play a double role in front of you,
I will be the real me so that the bonding of love & trust always remain the same between us.

22 thoughts on “A Letter For My Would- Be Daughter In Law”

  1. This is a pledge every woman should take. Though I think times are changing and MILs and DILs are now sharing much better relationships than before.

  2. Kisi bhi daughter in law ka dream yehi hoga aur har ma ko yehi karna bhi chaiye

  3. Such a lovely letter and I love all the emotions you had shared for your future daughter in law. She will be super lucky to have you as a mother in law.

  4. Thatโ€™s so sweet and loving letter, I am sure your daughter in law will be the luckiest girl to have altogether in you a friend, a mom, or someone she can talk freely.

  5. Awww this poem has made me feel sad. It seems you are saying a lot about your own situation in life rather than talking about a future daughter-in-law. Sending you love and luck!

  6. It is as if you jotted down my thoughts here Priyal…I tell my DIL the same things but she doesn’t seem to understand! Anyway, it is up to her as I cannot force her to accept that I consider her to be my daughter and not my DIL.

  7. This is a beautiful letter and most welcome for a girl who is entering a new home. I hope your daughter in law is as kind to you too. Wishing the best to you!

  8. wow…that’s such an honest rendition.

    I love the sincere and honest tone of your letter/ poem, especially when you mention that you can’t promise but you will try.

    Being realistic about thing is what helps us do what’s necessary to maintain/ retain balance in relationships and you have captured it so nicely in your post ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Such a heartfelt post. You are right when you say i will try. That is what is needed in each post. I am blessed to have a mother in law like that. I feel we all try that the MIL becomes your mother but that is not possible. All we need to do is be honest and give our best. Why make a relation like another one, each one is new and beautiful and we need to strengthen it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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