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Every parent plays a vital role in their kid’s life. It is the guidance & support of parents that motivates kids to have a good experience in their life with little ups and downs. Good parenting brings out the best in kids by being a pillar of strength and supporting the kids in every step as a backbone.

Whatever advice parents give to kids they should empathize with it. A toddler can’t learn anything by itself. Parents, on the other hand, have gone through the same phase so they know what is good for their kids after all it is their golden experiences.

Parents need to teach and show kids in a practical way because these new generation kids don’t love to hear lectures about any advice so we have to be very careful while sharing any advice.

We as a parent should let them work independently by monitoring them because self work is necessary. As we all know that lockdown period is going on and schools are close. So, I ask my kids to help me in my household work. It is important for them to understand the difficulty of work which we face in daily days.

Here are some advises which I would like to share with my kids in both the way i.e. practically and emotionally.

  • A disciple person so that they know and understand the value of time

  • Ask them to read books for good knowledge and positive thoughts

  • If ever they feel low, confused while taking any decision, I will try to help them in the best way.

  • Never take any decision in a hurry

* Be happy with what they have and don’t crave for more

* Respect the elder and love the younger

  • Realise them what they do in life, their younger will follow that

  • Always remember health comes first

  • What you give, you will receive th
    e same in life

  • Learn to listen, they will learn much by listening to other

  • Surround with people who have a positive attitude and thinking

  • Never believe to give up if ever they fail , this will teach them a lesson of life

  • Sleep on time and eat healthy

  • Alcohol is not good for health

  • Don’t trust easily

  • hard work pay you the best

  • Mistakes are made to be done so that they can learn from it

  • Don’t lose yourself while pleasing others. Always try to be the real you.

One advice I have for the parents as well. Parents and kids can be best friends but for that parents need to spend time with their kids so that they can develop a healthy bond where kids do not hesitate to discuss their problems with their parents.

We as a parent, should use our experience to lead our child on the right path but we should never impose our wishes on them. Parents should give a requisite personal space to their children. Remember, the generation gap is real, and removing it completely is quite next to impossible, but with our efforts, we can bridge the gap!.

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10 thoughts on “Advice As Parents”

  1. I think “Learn to listen” is the most important thing. We often want our kids to listen to us but we forget to give them a listening ear. Many things can be solved by listening.

  2. wow great pointers..and I also follow most of them for my kids. especially hard work pays off..I strongly believe in power of hard work and dedication and want to teach same to my kids.

  3. Great reminders !! Yes, we need to keep reminding them and to ourselves also. The most important thing is learning from our mistakes, as you said.

  4. Agree with everything you have said. Parenting needs to be a fine balance of so many things!

  5. Agreed with every point you mentioned here. Parenting is a delicate balance of so many things in life.

  6. Brilliant post with some fantastic pointers to teach kids. Thank you for writing this post. Looking forward to walking the #BlogchatterA2Z journey with you.

  7. Thanks for these tips. It is more like a reminder. Health always comes first. If one is healthy, you can tackle many things. Looking forward reading more.

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