All Because Of You

It’s all because of you,

My life is flawless,

I don’t remember when I feel sad for the last time,

It’s all because of you,

I know how to deal with the massive problem,

It was arduous to deal with life before,

But with your presence,

Everything seems so flawless,

I still remember when I was so respondent,

But with the presence of yours in my life,

I get back again to life.

I feel ecstatic whenever I am with you,

It takes away all my pain.

You never fail to be a reason for my smile.

Yes, I am talking about you my dear ” PEN

Whenever I use you, it takes me into an another world,

And makes me feel thrilled to write what I feel.

You gave a new reason to wear a smile.

You gave me wings to fly,

And the power to write whatever I feel about life.

It’s my own world, where I can write anything with your help.

Thanks for being a part of my life!

This is the first post from the A2Z challenge, #BlogchatterA2Z. My all 26 posts will be under the hashtag #priyalwrites. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

27 thoughts on “All Because Of You”

  1. Yup a true friend
    Pen is mighter than sword. All the best fe ur future.

    1. And I am not good at writing poems, just trying myself to improve in this category. And thanks for liking it. It means a lot to me

  2. It’s always life changing when you find a new avenue that you like or are interested n am glad that blogging kept you going and changed your world. Use your own effectively to change minds 🙂

  3. swear such beautifully penned down all the thoughts… will be eagarly waiting for your next post

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