An Efforts to be a Good parents

As this is my first blog and being a mother of two beautiful kids, I would like to share some thoughts of mine about parenting.
Being a parents it’s our duty to be kid’s first teacher and should remain their best teacher throughout life.
I still remember the day when I hear the news that I am going to be mother soon , just can express in words how happy I was with the news. And the day arrived when I was blessed with two angels Jahnvi & Praveer

Now Jahnvi is 11 years old & Praveer is 6 years old. And still there is so much to teach them. But it feel good when my daughter is my friend too and share her secrets with me like a friend , now waiting my son to be my friend soon.

Here I am sharing some tips which I do with with kids in my daily life.

* I feel being a parent means we need to teach our kids about the moral of the society

* Give them enough time to play everyday.

* Instead of telling them what things not to do , try to teach and show them what they should do.

* Always appreciate their efforts when they do something good.

* Learn to know how they feel , and want to express to u

* Try to eat dinner as a family everyday

* Read to your child everyday

* Home environment can even affect a child’s brain development , so always try to create good environment at home.

* Give them enough time to play everyday

* Show them how to respect elders & live youngers

* Teach them the value of money

* Before allowing them to use internet , always keep an eye on them.

* Don’t get rude or angry on small things , otherwise they will stop sharing their secrets with you.

* Never disagree about discipline in front of children

* Never misbehave with your partner in front of kids , that will leave a bad impact on then

* Make them understand nicely , if they are doing something wrong .

* It’s necessary they should know about the bad and good touch and it’s our duty to let then know about it.

* Trained them to do their work by themselves , so that they can be self dependent.

* Self defense is what we have to teach our kids.

* And how can I forget this ‘Sharing Is Caring’ they should know the importance of sharing in their life.

* And atlast but not the least ‘Hugs’ is what play an important role . Never miss to hug them when they are going somewhere & the time when they come back.
Just with our little efforts we can try to be their best parents and friend too.

15 thoughts on “An Efforts to be a Good parents”

  1. Pari Mam,
    Very well written, for this being your first blog. Parenting tips are neatly explained and to the point.
    Good luck and Keep it up!

  2. Welcome to blog world, your blog will guide me into my married life. Will read for tips.

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