Barrington Watch Winder – A Perfect Companion For Your Watches

Are you the one who is quite fond of automatic watches? Are you looking for a perfect gift for a friend who loves wearing automatic watches?

If your answer to the any of the above question is YES, then you need to sit tightly and read the post till the end as in this post I will be telling you about Watch Winder

About Watch Winder:

Watch Winder is a device that is used to keep your watch running even when you are a not wearing it. Automatic watches works on the principle of winding themselves using moving weight that rotates when the watch is worn. But consider the case, when watch is not worn for a long time, then the watch will no longer receive power in this way and will eventually run down. While we can manually wound the automatic watches, but it is not convenient at all. Hence, the watch winders comes in to the picture.

About The Brand:

Founded in 2009, The Barrington Watch Winder company was founded in 2009. Company is passionate about their commitment of ensuring that they will always hold true to the principles that they set out for their products at the start: that they should be functional, aesthetically pleasing and reasonably prices. Amalgamating the looks with best features at an affordable, Barrington Single watch winder are crafted to perfection through the skills of British design teams at Conka Design and Hoffi. Having a strong legacy of more than 10 years, Barrington watch winder’s treats their customers as top priority.

Product I Bought:

While Barrington Watch Winders offers a wide collection that includes the Single, the Double, the Quad, Six and Twelve Watch Winders, that too in different colours, I personally ordered the Barrington Single Winder – Midnight Blue. The feature of the same are as follows for an easy understanding:

  • Can be operated through AC mains or two AA batteries
  • Barrington ‘Jump’ Feature makes it possible to connect multiple winders together via connecting cable
  • Japanese motor that is ultra quiet
  • Multiple rotation setting
  • Multiple Turns per Day setting
  • Choice of cushions – Either Standard or Flex as per your requirement

My experience:

I have been using the Barrington Watch Winders from last six months and needless to say I am pretty much happy with the products. It does its job perfectly.

If your too are a watch freak and own more than one automatic watch, then a Barrington Watch winder is all that you need. It will help to keep your watch on time and ready to wear the watch whenever you need it. There will be no need of constantly resetting your watch as the watch winder will keep the day/date function working properly. Further, it can make a perfect gift for your friend who is quite fond of automatic watches.

If you have any queries then feel free to get in touch with me through my social media links. Make sure to share your experiences in the comments below. Take care, Bub-Bye!


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