BE CONFIDENT BE OPEN (Those days are not those days any more )

Yesterday I was watching Padman movie with my daughter, at first I was not comfortable watching this movie with her, because it about Menstruation, but then I gave it a second thought, she is 11 years and going to be 12 years soon, so she must have a knowledge about it, so that she will be little comfort when her menstrual cycle begins. So when we both were watching, I gave her all the information about it, how it started, how she had to take care of herself, how to use a pad and she was listening to it very carefully. I feel being a mother it’s my duty to let her be aware of everything which she has to face in life, and I suggest every mom that we all should take care of our daughter and let them know about menstruation before, Because the first cycle can be very upsetting as they are not aware of it all, and girls have to face problem like spot on skirt in school, so if they are aware of menstrual before they won’t get upset or sad and can inform they teacher at school and Mom at home.

As we all know that we should be quite careful during those days and the first common symptoms which a girl feel before her first period are
1. Cramps ( pain in your belly or lower back)
2. Bloating ( when your belly feels puffy)
3. Breakouts ( getting pimples)
4. Sore Breasts
5. Feeling Tired
6. Mood SWings ( when her emotions change quickly or you feel sad, angry or anxious )

The foods which should be avoided during Menstrual periods are High fats food, Carbonated drinks, processed foods, fried foods, legume, Refined grains…

And the food which is healthy for us during our Menstrual period is Kale, Oranges, Banana, Watermelon, Broccoli, Dark chocolate, Tea.

These are the few points which should be taken care of during Menstrual Period . And most important emotional support to her during those time

20 thoughts on “BE CONFIDENT BE OPEN (Those days are not those days any more )”

  1. just read ur blog for the first time and seriously it touched.
    Beautiful lines…

  2. Wish more moms spoke openly about menstruation with their soon to be teenage kids.. whether boys or girls

  3. This is such a well – writen post .. This is a must read post for all moms and daughters .. and such useful information .. i’m glad you shared this

  4. very well done. It is natural and now your daughter should have some knowledge about it. My mother didnt tell me anything. Thank God I had my first one at home. So still when I ask her that what happened if I got that in school? So its better to explain everything for better protection.

  5. I am glad u brought this topic up.. not many are very open talking about periods.. there are some shocking stats in India . Only few know about hygiene during periods

  6. This is something every mom should discuss about with daughters. Today i was surprised to see a report that still 80% of the population dont have access to sanitary napkins. This is so alarming

  7. Love that now people are more open to talk about “those days”. A natural process i am glad menustration has not become an open topic.

  8. Your article was to insightful and I came to know so many things which I was not aware of tOo and yes I do think that all mothers like you should explain and talk very openly to their daughters about periods from a very early age

  9. Amazing and informative post. Very useful and beneficial tips for menstruation symptoms. Great diet food.

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