Be With Me

Be With Me,

When I Need You The Most,

Make Me Feel Exceptional,

Make Me Feel Compelling With Your Support,

For The world, Only Its You Who Matter To Me,

So Let Me Feel The Same.

I Feel So Desolate Without Your Presence,

It’s Your Presence Which Brings The Gleaming Side Of Me.

I Feel Overjoyed When I Am With You,

Yes, That’s True.

When The Love Is True,

Everything Looks So Flawless.
When The understanding Is Mutual,

Everything Has To Be On Flow,

With Little Care & Support of Each Other,

So Be With Me…

When I Need You The Most

Be With Me,

When I Feel Tedious,

Be With Me,

Just To Make Me Feel The Real Me!

This is the second post from the A2Z challenge, #BlogchatterA2Z. My all post 26 posts will be under the hashtag #priyalwrites. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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