Best 5 Natural Hair Oils And Scalp Health – With Price

Natural products are best to be used on hair. Our hair is suffering from so much pollution around. Problems like hair fall, split ends and frizzy hair are common these days. To have good hair we need regular care. There so many products available in the market but most of them are full of chemicals and are very expensive.

Using these products in long term has a bad impact on our hair. Due to the pandemic, it is not possible to go to salons and get the hair treatment done regularly. Moreover, such hair treatments too are very costly.


We can take care of our hair at our home. By oiling our hair regularly with good hair oil, we can eliminate such problems and make our hair healthy.

Following is the list of top 6 hair oil, according to me which we can use to help our hair look beautiful, healthy and voluminous.


Mother Sparsh 30 Herbs Hair Oil

If you’re looking for a hair oil that is a mixture of exotic herbs and oil and then Mother Sparsh 30 Herbs Hair Oil is the best possible solution. This hair oil herbal contains 30 herbs #herbskahairsecret and ayurvedic oils like Brahmi, Bhringraj, Jatamasi, Mulethi, Alsi & Harad.

This hair growth oil works as a hair vitalizer and enhances hair density and stimulates hair growth. Most of the problems of hair arise due to dehydration. This hair oil herbal tackles daily problems like hair fall, split ends, hair breakage and roughness.

Let’s discuss the key ingredients.

  • Jatamasi – Jatamasi is a potent hair tonic that helps in reviving the hair from the surface. It helps in fighting hair loss & free radicals due to scalp problems.
  • Karipatta – Karipatta is a wonderful herb for enhancing scalp health. The protein components in Karipatta infuse the required protein in the hair and making them strong. It loads the hair oil with antioxidant and antibacterial properties.
  • Bhringraj – Bhringraj maintains  hair elasticity and strengthens the hair follicles. As per Ayurveda Bhringraj stimulates blood flow in the scalp which further helps in hair growth.
  • Alsi – Alsi is packed with omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin B1 and E. Alsi helps in maintaining the pH of the scalp and makes the hair strands softer and stronger.


#mothersparsh 30 Herbs Hair Oil uses the natural potency of herbs and oils ensuring healthier and voluminous hair. This hair oil herbal is an Ayurvedic hair remedy with a clear concept of #carewithayurveda.

Since this hair oil herbal consists only of natural herbs #ayurvedicforhairhealth it helps in preventing damage from the sulphates and other harmful chemicals. It helps in maintaining scalp health while taking care of hair problems. This hair oil herbal provides the required moisture and nutrition to the hair that results in stronger and richer hair. It helps in increasing hair longevity and maintaining hair elasticity.

This ayurvedic hair oil is suitable for all types of hair textures even if they are coloured or treated. If you ask me which oil is best for hair then this will always be my first choice. This is the best hair oil that I have used so far. This is the best oil for hair growth and with regular use, I have observed the changes in my hair as promised by them.

Price – 345 for 100 ml

Mothersparsh Hair oil
This oil is worth a try to stop hair fall


Reeves Clive Active Algae Scalp Oil

If you are facing the problem of massive hair fall with dry & rough hair texture then the Reeves Clive Active Algae Scalp Oil is the solution. This hair oil works on the principle of intensive scalp therapy. This oil stimulates cell regeneration.

This oil contains elements like Algae, Bhringraj, Gooseberry, Indian Madder, Wheatgerm Oil and other ingredients nourishes hair and boost hair quality. This hair oil is worth a try if you are facing regular hair fall and if your hair is rough and dry. The presence of Algae will help in nourishing the hair and it will boost the hair quality.

Price Rs.899/- for 100ml bottle.


Active Algae Scalp Oil
Secret hair growth treatment


House of Ayurveda Hibiscus & Curry Leaves Hair Oil

This oil is suitable for both men and women. This oil will help in taking care of dandruff, hair fall, frizzy hair, dry hair and hair growth. This is a 100% natural hair oil that comes in a specially designed dispenser which makes the process of oiling more comfortable.

You can particularly pour oil more on the affected areas. This oil contains hibiscus, curry leaves and other natural herbs which prevent hair thinning and hair fall. This hair oil does not contain any parabens and is 100% natural hair oil.

Price Rs.950.00 for a 100ml bottle


WOW Skin Science Onion Black Seed Hair Oil

This hair oil can be used with any hair type and any type of scalp. You can use this hair oil if you have curly, textured, thick, thin or colour-treated hair. This hair oil controls hair fall. With a potent combination of black seed oil, almond, jojoba, olive, castor and coconut oils, this hair oil helps in increasing and maintaining the shine of the hair. This hair oil doesn’t contain any mineral oil or silicones. This hair oil is a non-sticky and non-greasy one.


Price Rs.599 for a 200ml bottle and Rs.349 for a 100ml bottle.

Wow skin science
Onion black seed hair oil


Parachute 100% Pure Coconut Oil

We all know about this oil for decades. This is probably the oldest known brand of hair oil. This is 100% pure coconut oil which is available at every shop in the market.

Parachute is well known for maintaining the quality of their hair oil by using the purest coconuts and an authenticated purification process. Since coconut is known to be the best natural anti-allergic medicine available, this hair oil will heal your scalp naturally, giving you healthy and happy hair.

Price -224 for 100 ml


Parachute 100% pure coconut oil
One of the oldest known brands of hair oil


Oiling and massaging your hair regularly are the keys to having good hair. With my personal experience, I am recommending Mother Sparsh 30 Herbs hair Oil. With regular usage I could clearly see that my hair has become healthy, they have become voluminous and shiny. I strongly recommend this hair oil.


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  1. Very good post about the best 5 natural hair oils and scalp health. Highly informative and nicely written. Keep up the good work.

  2. Parachute has always been my go-to hair oil. For healthy hair, our scalp should be healthy and sometimes, we have to make a shift to a new oil or brand. Good to know that I have a few other options to choose from.

  3. Parachute oil has always topped the chart of usage and liking for years when it comes to hair oil. Also I hearing so much about onion hair oil, though I wanted to try but chose to make my own hair oil at home and I can see the good changes to my hair.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this exhaustive list of natural oils. I am using Parachute since many years and had a great experience with it, mother sparsh also sounds promising to me.

  5. My scalp really dry and I am using parachute from last many years which is helping me alot to to get rid of dry scalp. Your list comprises with some great brand even I was thinking of giving a try to to mother Sparsh.

  6. I have been using parachute for quite a long now and absolutely love it. But after reading your post I would like to try other brands too as they are all trusted ones.

  7. Keeping hair soft and strong at the same time and chosing hair oil that has all is a major task. Parachute has been partner for long, then recently I started using Mother Sparsh Hair oil and must say it is truly good.

  8. i always look for natural solution for my hair care practice,. this is such a helpful list. i am gonna checkout mother sparsh first, have heard good review

  9. I have been using Parachute oil for years and nothing works better than this for my & my daughter’s hair.

  10. I have been using parachute oil for ages and it works the best for my & my daughter’s hair.

  11. This is a comprehensive list buddy , I am currently using mother sparsh hair oil and have found it so worthy.

  12. I have been introduced to Mothersparsh hair oil sometime back and loved how it strengthens the hair from within. Aside from this, I have always loved using coconut oil and it really helps a lot.

  13. I have used almost all these products and stuck with Mother Sparsh due to it’s visible benefits and ease of usage by being non sticky & smelly. This is a nice curative list.

  14. A helpful list for finding the best among the rest. personally, I like Mother Sparsh hair oil , it has made my hair healthy.

  15. This is a list of some really good natural hair oils. Though all of the oils are good, personally I prefer Parachute as this has been a trusted brand for many years.

  16. Parachute oil is pretty much the holy grail of hair oil. It acts as a heat protectant, intensely moisturizes hair strands. Great thoughts.

  17. I’ve been using Mother Sparsh hair oil for past few weeks and love how healthy my hair look now. Apart from that I’ve always trusted Parachute for my hair.

  18. Thanks for listing the best hair oil. I’ve used mothersparsh hair oil and it’s amazing for hair care regime.

  19. This is a very useful list of hair oils that truly work good on hair. I have used the Wow hair oil and found it quite good. Will try the other ones in the list.

  20. We have been using the good old parachute brand forever however, pretty recently started using the MotherSparsh brand. So far loving the products 🙂

  21. I have heard about Mother Sparsh and Parachute hair oils and they certainly are very effective in addressing hair and scalp issue on a day to day basis.

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