Boarding School Checklist For A Child

A child’s well being is directly proportional to a harmonious environment provided to the child. The more caring and nurturing a family is, the more well mannered and well behaved a child grows up to be. While in the olden days, it was believed that only the unwanted and ill mannered children were sent to the boarding school to tame them. But off late, with a change in people’s mindset, the opinion on sending a child to a boarding school has undergone a change as well.

Living with different types of individuals in the boarding school, increases the level of patience of the child. Being away from home makes the child inculcate desirable qualities in them, like confidence, punctuality, social skills, the realistic attitude, responsibility, and also prepares them to accept challenges in practical life. While we are worried that how our child will adjust to a life away from home, as a parent we are also concerned that we pack in all the things that our child might need at the boarding school and not miss out on any essentials.

So to make things easier for other parents here is a list of things that you should be packing for your child’s stay at the boarding school.


Though meals will be provided to the children by the boarding school, still as a parent we feel bad about depriving our children from their favourite snacks. So pack in a few of their favourite snacks for those midnight hunger pangs. Also a plate, bowl, some spoons and drinking bottles.


Since children will be sharing the toilet with other children it is always advised to teach children not to use toiletries used by others. Pack in spare towels, napkins, sanitary napkins(in case of a girl), body wash, soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, clips scrunchies, n hairbands( in case of a girl) toothpick and earbuds.


It’s always good to teach our children how to wash their own clothes in case of emergencies. Pack in a pack of detergent, stain remover and a brush.


To be on the safer side don’t forget to pack in a clean bedsheet and pillow cover for your child. And also a lightweight blanket.


Pack in clothes for every season. A few light, cotton summer dresses for those hot days. Also pack in warm clothes like sweaters, jackets, caps, sock to keep the child warm in case they are going to a place that is very cold in winters. Also pack In a raincoat and umbrella. Adequate inner wear, socks, shoes, slippers, handkerchief, and the belt is also to be packed.


If your child has been on any medication, then don’t forget to pack in those medicines, along with a few basic medicines for cold, cough, fever, stomach upset, stomach ache, vomiting and also anti allergic medicines (if your child is allergic to something). Also pack in nasal drops, cough drops and a thermometer.


Pack in their required stationery like books, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, scales, pencil boxes, pen stand, calendar, a file to store their papers, a bag and a few story books for their leisure time.

Apart from these things don’t forget to pack in a torch, a sewing box, mosquito repellent liquid/creams, and a pair of spare spectacle (if your child uses spectacles). So to conclude this is a list of all the important things your child might need at the boarding school. I might have missed out on some things but then am just a mother learning new things everyday. Hope this article is helpful to you. 😊


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