Book Review: Tiny Habits Massive Results

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I just got my hands on a new Self-help book- Tiny Habits Massive Results by Jaishree Nenwani. So, today I am going to share my thoughts about this book.


What is “Tiny Habits Massive Results” all about?

“We are what we repeatedly do “


Our habits can make us or break us. In this tiny book, the author is talking about 8 habits that can impact our lives.

One of those habits is

Habit #1 Waking up at 5:30 AM

Though this is my usual time of waking up, I do it because I need to take care of all the household chores. I have never thought of spending little time for myself and self-care. This book helped me figure out how I can do the time management and look after my own well being in these morning hours.

Another habit that I liked and started practicing Journaling (Habit #3 from the book- Tiny Habits Massive Results)

According to Jaishree, journaling is a powerful habit that helps

  • In overcoming stress
  • Gaining mental clarity
  • Making decisions
  • Letting go of past and negative emotions
  • Organizing our lives and much more

I have already started practicing journaling since last week and I definitely feel lightness in my head (my mind).

Next important habit in the book is- Mind your own business (one of the most important and essential habits these days)

I personally feel these are really important things that we need to incorporate into our lives. Especially minding our own business. If we start doing this, I am sure, half of our life problems will be resolved.


About the author

Jaishree Nenwani is a blogger and author. This is her debut book but she is blogging since last 5 years. I checked her blog GetSetHappy, which mostly focuses on self improvement, personal growth and Happiness.

Closing Words about Tiny Habits Massive Results

The book is written in very simple language and doesn’t include too many stories or explanations.

I enjoyed reading it. So, I would rate it 8 on the scale of 10.

Don’t wait guys, if you want to improve your life and know how these habits can affect the course of your life, just go ahead and grab your copy of Tiny Habits Massive Results.

The book is available on Amazon (Both kindle and paperback editions) and Flipkart.

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