Books – A Best Friend Gifted By Parents

Needless to say about the endless knowledge which one can derive by reading books. One can choose the subject of his interest and gain as much knowledge as possible. In today’s world when everyone is busy with their gadgets, connecting with the world which is mostly virtual, books can prove to be that best friend.

Kids at an early age are getting used to gadgets. Books are usually an old fashioned thing for them. All information they want, they get it from the internet. Being a concerned parent we can explain our kids and make them understand the pros and cons of using these gadgets. Besides this a parent can never completely control the things which their child can access through the internet. Things might go in the direction for the kids.

Parents should explain their child about making books as their best friend. They get tremendous amount of knowledge, which is uninterrupted as we don’t get disturbed by continuous pings from different social media apps if we are trying to read from our mobile phones. Kids can learn to stay focused as they are reading about one subject at a time without any disturbance and interruption.

I have a strong belief that a kid who reads from the book is far better in terms of knowledge then the person who is using gadgets for everything. Most importantly we can limit the usage of gadgets and internet for the child which these days is a very big problem for parents to handle.

Reading a book can give a child that soothing feeling, they can feel calm and learn to be patient. Parents these days are not able to give a lot of time to their kids as they are busy earning the means of life for them. In such situations kids usually get more involved in the gadgets provided to them. Instead of these gadgets parents can gift their child with books.

Parents can identify the interest of their child and gift them with books of same subjects and kids can enhance their knowledge.

Books are any day better then the gadgets and internet for the kids and if as a parent we can make our kids friends with books then surely their future will be in safe hands.

P.S- This post is written by Abhi (Loaursuno) who is also participating in this blogchatter A2Z challenge with me

13 thoughts on “Books – A Best Friend Gifted By Parents”

  1. I have written on similar lines in my post today- books really do have the power to be our best friends. Ones that never annoy or fight with us!

  2. In this digital era, we have to keep sending the message across that books maketh a man! Lovely post and I do agree as I am also propagating the same habit to my grandsons.

  3. Strongly agree with you friendship with Books are indeed an everlasting blessings that given by parents to their kids. I am happy that my son is enjoys this blessing everyday. Well written post by Abhi.

  4. I do agree there is nothing better than loving books. Specially in the times of lockdown books can even have a healing power

  5. Books are undoubtedly the best friend who will be with you always. As parents it is our responsibility to introduce our kids to reading and ensure they develop a liking to it. Lovely post

  6. Undoubtedly, books are the best gift a parent can give to their child. Reading books have several benefits apart from gaining knowledge like learning to be calm not fickle, gains stability, knowledge on various aspects of life and the list goes on. Well written post.

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