Can you actually keep your children happily engaged indoors? The answer is Yes!

Many parents ask a rather pertinent question these days, i.e. can children be kept happily engaged indoors in the current scenario? The answer is a big Yes as most experts will tell you!

There are various ways to keep children engaged including several interesting and fun activities online. Once children venture upon interesting and innovative hobbies to do online at Yellow Class, they will stay engaged for longer hours, pick up new skills and also start being more productive with their days.

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Free live hobby classes for kids

Here are some of the ways that you can consider in this context:


Storytelling –

One of the best kids activities that you can encourage your children to participate in, storytelling sessions and hobby classes go a long way towards hooking and engaging your kid and keeping him/her glued for a sizable length of time.

He/she will pick up an interest in conceiving and telling stories while also developing a love for literature and stories themselves. His/her vocabulary, creative skills and public speaking skills will automatically improve with these classes.


You can consider online music lessons for children which are specifically tailored to their needs. However, what you should basically focus on, is integrating a love for music into your child’s life. Music is one activity that can happily engage your kids without hassles. Play music, listen to it together, have your children express their own preferences from an early age itself.

This will build better bonds and you can choose fun activities like impromptu drumming contests on the table or simply guessing the song among other such games. Children naturally take to music and you can also encourage them to start learning new instruments or take singing lessons online.


Learning dance is another highly recommended activity in the current scenario. The beauty of dance lies in its manifold advantages.

Firstly, dancing is a great outlet for children to burn off their excessive energy.

Secondly, it will de-stress them, make them calmer and more relaxed.

Thirdly, dance is a fantastic way to burn calories and stay fit while building lean muscle simultaneously.

Fourthly, dance will build up your children’s self-confidence, self-belief and overall creative expression abilities.

Fifthly, it will teach a whole new artistic skill to your children, helping them develop an appreciation and understanding of artistic disciplines and dance forms alike.

Sixthly, it will help them pick up and master various techniques and possibly start choreographing and conceptualizing their own dance moves as a result. There are literally innumerable dance styles and forms that children will love experimenting with.

Yellow class
Free live hobby classes for kids

These activities will help your children stay happily engaged indoors without any problems. Also, try and get your child introduced to reading. It is a wonderful way to broaden his/her mind and horizons while building a love for stories and literature, enhancing vocabulary and creative powers and also inculcating a delightful habit for spending long hours with.

As they say, books are the best companions and you can try to give your child the same positive philosophy as well. He/she will venture into a magical journey of books and discovery as a result.


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  1. Very good post about keeping your children happily engaged indoors. Highly informative and nicely written. Keep up the good work.

  2. Keeping kids engaged indoors is a challenging task for parents. With little help from online resources can make the job easy.

  3. Keeping kids engaged at home was tough but yes mow even my kids are enjoying so many activities with yellow class.

  4. These are great options dear to keep kids creatively engaged indoor. we love crafting and DIY ing so much and these activities helped a lot to us in being busy and creatively engaged during lockdown.

  5. Keeping kids engaged indoors is a challenge. Online resources makes the job a little easy while ensuring fun learning for the kids.

  6. I agree getting kids engaged during this time is extremely important and these online classes have made this possible. You have mentioned some great pointers.

  7. Quite informative post on how to keep kids happy indoors something that is so important and required in today’s time. Quite informative

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  9. This post is a helping hand for we parents as we know it’s so difficult to handle kids at home thank you for sharing the detailed information.

  10. These are some great ways to keep the kids engaged. Music, Dance and Storytelling is a great way to have fun and learn too.

  11. These are some home truths with loads of repeat value. Forwarding the post to all my friends struggling to entertain their kids at home.

  12. These are really very interesting tips to keep kids engaged at home.
    It’s a combination of fun and learning.

  13. These are some good methods to keep the children at home. Although I personally prefer children to go outdoor, but conditions these days prevent that. My niece loves singing and she has joined an online music group. She is quite happy there and is always posing with a toy mic and singing!

  14. Thanks to platforms like Yellow Class, keeping kids busy indoors and make them learn and have fun too is possible now. Will check this out.

  15. Yes kids are really interested in storytelling and dance. These are two activities that can also be done along with school and do not need much effort or preparation and yet positively impact kids.

  16. Keeping the kids engaged at home and that too in a happy zone has become the biggest challenge for parents, especially during the lockdown. You have well jotted down all the best ways to pick some activities. I am glad that I am practicing all of these with my kids.

  17. The Pandemic and the accompanying series of lockdowns have been a real challenge in keeping kids cloistered indoors. But as you have mentioned, it is possible to keep them positively engaged with a host of activities that you have suggested here.

  18. I really like the concept of Yellow Classes, keeping kids engaged during the lockdown with physical schools shut and studies online is really challenging. Glad we have options like these.

  19. Given the situation indeed it got difficult initially to keep the kids engaged and happy indoors. But as you rightly said we can try out a host of these activities to keep kids happy and busy at home.

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  22. The circumstances have created a challenge for parents and keeping kids productively engaged indoors, all the time is a tough call. But there are many ways as you have suggested that can help in keeping kids indoors and also engaged,

  23. The current situation is toughest for the kids, I am glad that i found these suggestions to keep the kiddo busy . Thanks fro sharing

  24. My kids love music. They can spread the whole day listening to music. Concepts like Yellow Classes definitely help in breaking the monotony of online school classes.

  25. Very good post. I know it has been really hard during pandemic especially for kids to stay indoors. and yes these activities like music and dance can keep them entertained indoors and will help them learn as well.

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