Can’t You Come Back In My Life ????

Hello Friends. Today everyone must be busy in celebrating the auspiciosu festival of Rakshabandhan – A day when brothers & sisters, both are busy in pampering each other with love & care.

A festival when whole family comes together and sister’s makes yummy food dishes for their brothers to make them feel special. I too enjoy celebrating this amazing festival with my brothers, cousins, and bhabhis and off course my adorable niece.

But deep inside in the corner of heart I am missing one of my cousin, who is not with us…………..he left me lonely in this world and went to heaven.

Today I am feeling quite lonely without him.

‘Kaash woh hota toh baat kuch aur hoti’, as he always make me feel special, like I am the only sister that matters the most for him. He used to shower all his unconditional love and care on me. Consequently, everyone used to get jealous of me because of this special treatment that I receive from him. As I was, oh sorry, not was, I am still his favorite sister.

Wanna tell you something, that the day he left this world, it was the day of my marriage. And from some close relatives, i got to know that he was remembering me only, while laying on the bed. His words symbolized that he wanted to talk to me….to say something to me.

I was completely unaware of his illness. Even I came to know about his death after one month from the day of my marriage.

The only question that remain in my heart is…….. Bhai, why you left me, WHY ????
I need you the most in my life right now …
You said that you will always remain by my side like a wall……Can’t you come back for me!

Wish if I can do some sort of magic to bring you back from the heaven.

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9 thoughts on “Can’t You Come Back In My Life ????”

  1. sorry to know about this but believe me he is always with you

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