Celebrating The Red Heads

Well, the 5th November is here! We Indians are celebrating the Govardhan Pooja today but do you know that 5th November is National Love Your Red Hair Day which is widely celebrated across United States – A day that encourages redheads to appreciate their natural beauty.

Redheads time to put away all the shyness and get the spotlight to show off the unique qualities of red hair. Such celebration empowers the redheads across the globe to look awesome, feel confident, and rock their beauty.

Are you wondering, how this all started? The history of this day revolves around two sisters, named Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti. The two sisters started the National Love Your Red Head Day in 2015. As per their website, the duo had to struggle a lot to find cosmetics that worked for them as teens.

It further tells that Stephanie even dyed her hair blonde as a teen to fit in better with the other people, but she realized with time that she felt better with her natural shade. Hence, to encourage other red heads to appreciate their natural beauty, both the sisters started this national day.

You will be surprised to know that November 5th, is not the only day for all the redheads to party. World Redhead day is celebrated in May and there is even a summer festival which is organized in Netherlands dedicated to this beautiful shade.

Red hair is much more than a color, it is a lifestyle. Do you know that less than 2 percent of the population is crowned with the red hair. Most of the natural-born red heads have typical brown eyes, followed by the green and hazel colored eyes. The blue-eyed ginger kid is the rarest kid, constituting about 1 percent about the world’s population.

Redheads certainly stands out in the crowd. And each unique and spectacular stunning redhead gets to show off their looks without any shyness. During my teens, I too was quite fascinated with the red hairs but because of my shyness I was not able to try the shade. Recently, I just put away all my shyness and colored my hairs red and I am truly happy to flaunt them at all places.

Recently, while surfing the web, I came across Cliphair website that has an amazing collection of red hair accessories to make you look more awesome. They have started #RedsHaveMoreFun campaign on their social media channels to celebrate the day.

Further, to make the day a lot more special, they are offering 10% Off on all red shades on their website to celebrate National Red Head Day. So make sure to head to their website right away to check out their amazing collection.


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