Challenges We Parents Face

Every parent of the world agrees to this in one voice that it is not easy to raise a child. There are so many options, so many ifs and buts, so many dos and don’ts that usually we are confused with what to go ahead. Will it best for our child? Will it make our child’s future secure? Will it help the child to become a better human being, become self dependent, become self aware that the child will be able to take correct decisions for his / her life.

Right from the birth till we are able to handover the child’s life to him, make him self dependent we have to make innumerable decisions. Decisions which start from which hospital the child should born, which doctor to be consulted, which baby food, which clothes, which room, which décor, which toys, which school, which friends, which career, which spouse? Oohh, the list is endless. Parent’s duties are never over. They finish one task and the next task is knocking their door.

Parent’s lives usually revolve around their kids. They have to be on your toes for everything their kid might need. They try to give their best to make their children’s life as the best.

Usually, in the process of giving everything to our child, the parents start pampering them in a wrong way. They give their child what they want but doesn’t need. Due to this the kids don’t understand the worth of things.

They start taking life very easily and are not able to understand the hardships which actually they must face to become a strong person. They are not able to understand the difference between right and wrong and hence are not able to take the correct decisions about their life when required.

It is the duty of the parent’s to make their kids understand the important things about life. Simply providing them with everything doesn’t make the parents free from their duties.

Parents should plan the life of their kids in such a way that they become a better human being, they become kind, understand the difference between right and wrong and take appropriate decisions about their life so as to serve their own upcoming generations and to the society as a whole.

P.S This post is written by my Friend Abhi (Loaursuno). We both are together participating in the A2Zblogchatter campaign #Priyalwrites

10 thoughts on “Challenges We Parents Face”

  1. So true, life completely changes once kids step in our lives.
    being our own flesh and blood we have to face many challenges in there growing up and
    to ensure they become good humans with wisdom.

  2. As I agree as a parent life is full with multiple responsibilities and sometimes we adopt a lazy attitude and offer the things which kids demands. your post is a quick reminder for parents to keep important things in mind while raising their kids.

  3. Excellent advice given. Parents, in quest of pampering their kids forget or should I say, ignore many vital issues which create problems later in their life.

  4. This is some sound parenting advice girl. I am often judged as a strict mom, because I do not give in to tantrums and also encourage my kids to live a life of minimalism. Hope more parents understand that its important to make your kids strong as that they may be able to take on the challenges of life

  5. Yes, parenting is the most difficult and underrated ‘job’ responsibility. We create and mould a new life and that can be daunting. But then, if one follows ones heart, looks back on our own upbringing the task becomes simpler. Focus on important things, teach the child to distinguish between good and bad … Great post!

  6. Parenting is indeed full of challenges but it also comes with many rewards!

  7. Bahut sahi kaha
    As a parents humari duties bahut ho jaati hai , in challenge ko pura karna hi sahi parenting hai

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