CHURAILS Review – A Literal Magical Marathon

Talking about the current scenario, work from structure is certainly the need to ensure the safety of yourself as well as of the people around you. But this confinement in four walls of the home has started having an adverse effect on health, especially mental. With no more chit chatting and gossips in office, the entertainment factor was missing from my life.
To break the boredom, I started searching for some good content shows on OTT platforms. I am a typical kind of person who is quite selective when it comes to watching a series/shows.

Finally after a lot of search, I came across the recently released series Churails (“Witches”) on ZEE5 and I just loved watching it. So, in this post I will do Churails review to let you know the top reasons why you shouldn’t miss watching this series on ZEE5.

Storyline – Feminism At Its Best

Directed by Asim Abbasi, this ten episode series tells the story of four Karachi based women namely, Sara – A trophy wifr, Jugnu – A frequently imbibing wedding planner & a boozy divorcee, Batool – A foul-mouthed ex-convict and Zubaida – An aspiring boxer. They start a secret detective agency called Churails – Mard ko dard hoga’ to punish the city’s abusive and cheating husbands. With a boutique selling colorful burqas as their façade, they soon become hired vigilantes for jilted housewives.

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The secret behind high walled mansions leads the series from neighborhood vigilantism to an all out attack on patriarchy. But everything is not easy as it seems to be. Without giving much spoilers all I want to say is that the feisty and furious story line of this series makes one of the reasons to watch it.

Star Cast – Terrifically Awesome Performance

Sarwat Gilani Mirza aka Sara, as the housewife who sets off fire she is unable to control seems to be in complete control of her character. She is polished and charming. Yasra Rizvi aka Jugnu is sassy, spunky and spirited. She is a comeback queen and a delight to watch. Nimra Bucha aka Batool, is charming and mesmerizing. Meher Bano aka Zubaida rocks the series as a combative but soft hearted puglist. The rest of the cast has also done a good job. Each character has poured their heart and soul into their parts. Natural acting at its best.

Brilliant Direction – A Refreshing Take

Asim Abbasi perfectly captures the issues prevalent in the society which are generally overlooked in the mainstream content. It’s quite refreshing to watch this series tackle institutional issues like racism, homophobia and transphobia alongside its plot. Asim Abbasi’s ability to create vividly alive and relatable characters is perfectly evident as even the smallest characters leaves a mark. Such scenes include, a pair of middle aged lovers and a trans woman who is fighting battle on many fronts. The director’s niftiest touch comes when Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake scores a scene featuring animal masks and flesh trade. Beasts are selling beauty. In other words, princesses are being turned into swans by evil sorcerers.

Perfect Execution – Creditworthy Work

Mo Azmi, who is director of photography and co-producer as well, deserves applause for giving us such beautiful frames. The color palettes he uses and his frame compositions stands out from typical expectations of a web series. The hypnotic play of colours and contrasts, juxtaposed with the pleasing at times, at times terrifying backdrops, elevates the series to a thing of beauty.

The songs of this series boasts great lyrics which are catchy. The sound track adds an upbeat and shining tempo to the narrative. The sound and production design of Churails is also above average.

When it comes to content, ZEE5 certainly takes an edge with a wide array of shows to ensure that you get your perfect dose of entertainment. This series is a story of every woman who break the rules and said #MainChurailHoon. ‘Churails’ is a literal magical marathon that perfectly picturizes that righteous ideas can seem to be quite easy on paper but the same ideas can be real and crippling when it comes to moral complexities.

So don’t forget to grab a pack of popcorn and binge watch this series on ZEE5 on the upcoming weekend.


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