Cuddables Water Baby Wipes- Best Pick For Your Baby’s Skin

Hello friends! Hope you all have enjoyed to the core in the Diwali extravaganza. And now the winter season is knocking at the door. Well, I like winters but being a mother we need to be more precautious in this season. For a mother, the first priority is her child and I think all the mother out there can relate with me in this case. We try to be quite choosy when it comes to anything that affects our kids. From the food he eats, clothes he wear to his health and hygiene, we try to ensure that each and everything is simply perfect for our child……isn’t it?

In this post of mine I will be talking about one such product i.e.Cuddables Water Baby Wipes which are sure to ensure proper hygiene for your kids. So, make sure to read this post to know about this product.

About Cuddables

Cuddables, a brand of Prakriti Essentials, is an endeavor to make babies caregiving a wholesome and loving experience. As per the website, it is purely exquisite, comfort oriented and gentle. The product has been created from the perspective of a mother’s need for a baby. This poduct is  scientifically and ergonomically designed and is 100% natural, vegan and sustainable.


About Cuddables Water Baby Wipes

Made up from 99% water, Cuddables Water Baby Wipes are extra cottony soft and are perfect for your baby’s skin. These wipes from cuddables are made up  from plant-based fibres with no added deodorizers or neutralizing agents. The best thing about the cuddables water  baby wipes is that they are fragrance free and maintain desired pH of the baby’s skin, thus making them an ideal option for cleaning baby’s skin.

With Cuddables Water Baby Wipes, you can clean your baby’s skin without any issues related to allergic reaction or skin irritation. The Cuddables wipes are enriched with the goodness of hydrogenated castor oil, Citric Acid, Barbadensis Extract and Glycerin. 100% biodegrdable and are free from toxins, SLS, parabens and alcohol. Feels like real cotton, Cuddables Water Baby Wipes are three times thicker and are made from plant-based fibres with no added deodorizers or neutralizing agents.

Let me summarise the best features of the Cuddables Water Baby Wipes in bullet points for easy understanding:

  • Made from 99% water
  • Fragrance-free
  • Made from 100% cotton and contains no plastic
  • 100% bio-degradable
  • Soft as a mother’s touch
  • Free from toxins, parabens, SLS and alcohol
  • 3X thicker than normal baby wipes
  • Good for cleaning larger surface area
  • Dermatologically tested

My Experience:

I have been using these wipes from the past one month and I am really happy with the result. The best part is that these wipes gently cleans the baby’s skin as well as nourishes the skin and keep the skin hydrated. These wipes are just like real cotton and cleans a large surface area when compared with other wipes. Definitely the best pick for baby’s delicate skin.

I would recommend the mothers out there to try these wipes. You can follow them on Instagram

And this product is available on Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho and their website. Don’t miss to use my code PRIYALBLOG10


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