Dear Unknown

Dear Unknown,

I don’t know from where you are reading this post,

I just want to send positive vibes to you

If you are feeling low,

If life teaches you the way,

that you were not expecting,

If you don’t know what step to take in life now,

Just believe in yourself

And be positive towards yourself,

One day life will treat you the way you wanted it to,

Always believe that, if today is not your day,

Tomorrow will be your day definitely,

It’s just a matter of time,

A matter of believing in yourself.

Sometimes we feel so indolent,

Because we are miserable from the inside,

That time we need to fight with our emotions,

Have to be very idiotic,

So that we can fight with any arduous situation in life,

Let’s make life feel surprised to see you,

That how terrifically you are dealing with yourself to make feel good,

We have to be our best friend for life,

So live and try to be happy with yourself

This is the 4th post for #BlogchatterA2ZChallenge 2019
Stay tuned for my next post 🙂

10 thoughts on “Dear Unknown”

  1. Kitni positivity hai, kaash sabke andar itni samjh aa jaye to duniya kitni khubsurat ban jaye

  2. Thanx fr such inspiration. Il read it daily as it will give me Peace. Thnx fr writing. Much needed at this terrible situation.

  3. Thank you for spreading your positive words to make other positive

  4. Thank u so much dear for transforming the positivity to me …really feeling some time that every thing is finished….

    just awesome…..

  5. Amazing self morale words as well to give one the confidence needed for the day.

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