Digi Acai – A Women Led Organization For All Your SEO Needs

Hola, to all the lovely ladies out there!!! We are sure you all will agree to the fact that seeing women entrepreneurs in present times is not a rare phenomenon. Women in India have been engaging in small and medium-scale entrepreneurship since time immemorial, but most of it began as a necessity to manage their hearth and homes.

While managing both, almost all working women have come across the most difficult task of maintaining a work life balance, with children and family member constantly needing their time and attention even during work hours.

Being a daughter and a Mother myself, I truly understand the concern of all working women and I think most of you can relate to this feeling as well. With properly maintaining a balance between work and home, modern women are still taken the lead in entrepreneurship and work places.

Women’s work outside home is now a question of choice, and they are no longer limited to specific industries; their ability and innovation now extend across all industries. It feels really great to see how we women are breaking the boundaries set by society and making their presence felt in each and every sphere.

In today’s post I am going to talk about an SEO Agency that is on a mission to empower females through internships, courses and jobs. So, to be the one in the league, make sure to read the post till the end.

DIGI ACAI – One Stop Destination For All Your SEO Needs

Founded in March 2020 by Neha Agarwal, Digi Acai is a woman owned and women-led  company . Digi Acai believes in the potential of women and strives towards the quest for gender equality. They have a team of 25+ employees and part-time professionals including dedicated professionals with thorough understanding of SEO.

We are already in the 21st century and there is more progress towards equality for all . Digi Acai Pvt. Ltd. celebrates women coming from all speheres and is inspired to do its part for women who are doing their best to lift up their communities and improve their lives.

Here is an exhaustive list of services we provide at Digi Acai for your better understanding:

Ø    Being the most trusted SEO provider it helps you to multiply your clients

Ø    Offers customized services and in-depth custom dashboards with latest SEO Tools

Ø    Provide content marketing services that lets you increase awareness of your brand among your target audience.

Ø    Provide fully managed SEO packages as per the unique requirement of business

Ø    Let’s you to increase revenue with ROI driven SEO

Ø    Helps in making a new website SEO-friendly to achieve short term goals

Ø    Increase the number of high-quality links pointing at your website to help you rank well

Ø    Reaches out to high authority bloggers and influencers to establish brand and business.

Ø    Helps in outsourcing optimization process to trusted experts

Ø    Provides best content writing services while following SEO Best practices

Ø    Drive relevant traffic which elevates sales by using e-commerce promotional tactics

We believe in enabling and empowering women, young moms and to be moms by providing internship opportunities along with flexible working hours, while working from home and still taking a lead in their careers. Digi Acai also conducts online workshops and offers paid internship opportunities to young mothers who after a break want to start afresh in their careers by simultaneously taking care of their families.

Focused on empowering women in society, Digi Acai is on an endeavor to create a strong woman working community. I will definitely recommend Digi Acai to all the women out there who want to make their mark and achieve their goals.


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