Don’t leave a bad impression on your children

As we couples became parents, our priority changes and we started getting possessive for our kids. Yes, this is quite an innate behaviour of ours as a parent. Sometimes we couple fight with each other for kids because both the parents want the best for their kids.

But difficulties arise if the rationale for fighting or arguments is different. Sometimes couples are so frustrated from a workload or some other dilemmas that they get furious with each other and maybe that turn into a minor argument and it mostly happened with every couple. They fight, they love, they care and at the end, they often speculate to start together

It’s just parents should always try to tackle the argument in front of kids so that they can understand that it’s their parents love behind that particular argument/fight.

But sometimes few couples are not comfortable with each other & they constantly have an argument /fight whenever they interact with each other. Well, that’s the terrible part of a child’s life. Parents should be able to manage between this because it will leave a bad impact/impression on the child’s mind.

If parents are staying with each other for the happiness of kids or whatever the reasons may be, they both should handle the situation in a soothing way. Don’t compel the kids to think about the matter & go into a phase a sadness or in a silent mode.

Because in such cases child starts to cut himself/herself from everyone and start living in their own world.

So it’s parents duty to handle the dilemma carefully.

I am sharing some points which may help:-

* Both the parents should spend more time with kids

* Never use slang word while you are having any argument.

* Never compare your partner to others.

* Respect your spouse because he/she is the father/mother of your kids.

* Try to solve the problem before it starts getting worse.

* Make sure that the kids are glimpsing that you both the parents are snappily resolving the issues of fighting and getting back to normal.

* Apologise to each other in front of kids so that they know that the matter has been solved.

* Try to avoid arguing when kids are around you, as it may lead to Aggression, emotional distress, health problems, low self-esteem, unable to concentrate on studies.

* You can’t be a perfect person, so don’t try to prove it to your kids, be the real you with all your flaws.

* Never involve them to take anyone sides.

* Avoid dragging the fight for a long time. Instead, try to solve it with mature behaviour in front of the kids. In this way, the kids too will learn, that two people can disagree with some issues and there is always a way to solve it.

* Let your child know losing your temper was your mistake. Maybe I was harsh with my word but I never mean that.

Parents need to understand and realise that how painfully it can affect to the child. So its is always better to be very careful when children are with them. Always try to give them a happening surrounding or environment which help them to be always optimistic in life.

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7 thoughts on “Don’t leave a bad impression on your children”

  1. Sahi kaha aapne, ye hum parents ki hi responsibility hai ki baccho k uper kii galat asar na ho
    Mere khyal se joint family me ye problem nahi hoti thi, baccho ko samjhne aur sambhalne k liye sab hotey thy

  2. This is a lovely post. Sometimes we don’t realize that even a simple argument between a husband a wife can leave a long lasting impression on the kids. Children are very sensitive.One should be very careful.
    #simritreads #MyFriendAlexa

  3. very true.. all the points shared are bang on. we should always prevent a fight in front of kids and even if it happens, one needs to apologize and let the kid know that it was their mistake. Kids become more calm for sure.

  4. I completely agree with you that parental conflicts should be handled positively, otherwise it may put negative effects on kids. Great points and will help a lot to all of us in being controlled in front of kids. #Alexanonstop

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