Dream11 : A Fantasy league to win your Dreams

In India, there are just two religions…cricket and Bollywood. Do you agree? Well, I do! These two fields rule our lives. While Bollywood seems distant, cricket is one thing that everyone can indulge in. From playing gully cricket to young boys trying out for professional matches, cricket is omnipresent. The rising popularity for IPL CRICKET GAME even among non-cricket fans, as a great source of entertainment, is a prime example of that. We must have played this sport at a point in our lives and definitely spend a huge chunk of our time watching matches on television. But the question is what do we get in return? Just sheer pleasure! Well, what if we were paid to enjoy cricket? Yes, you heard it right. If you can’t believe it then visit here. Create a fantasy league and get paid! It’s that simple!

Dream11 is a website that was built for sports lovers. Yes, not only cricket but football too. You create your dream team and play. And the best part? Earn meanwhile! So what’s the catch? How to play?

Suppose you want to play cricket. There are a number of teams available. Each team has a set of players with different skills and positions. For example in a game of cricket, you have batsmen, bowlers, all-rounders and wicketkeepers. In a game of football, it’ll be a goalkeeper, centre-forward, midfielder, defenders and so forth. You can pick a limited no of people from the available options for each skillset. You can choose all rounders too, depending on your preferences. All these players have credits or points so you know their performance and ensure you have a balanced team. When your dream team is made, you are taken to a virtual cricket ground where you can play! How cool is that?

So how can you earn?
Choose an upcoming match, scheduled to happen probably tomorrow or day after. You’ll be presented with a big list of contests for the same match. Each contest’s entry fee varies along with a fixed no of entries only. It may vary from 10 Rs to as high as 10,000 Rs. So higher the entry amount, higher the winning chances and higher winning amount too.

Suppose a contest has an entry fee of say 30Rs, they have a cap of a max of no teams that can join. For a lower amount, they have more teams participating in the same contest These teams are then ranked from 1 to the last based on the team’s performance in the actual match. Do pray that your chosen player scores a century in cricket or a goal if its football. Your winning amount depends on where you are ranked. Top ranks may get double-triple the entry amount, while the top 10 may get 1.5-2 Times the entry fee. So unless your team performs very badly or the selected players are not in the actual lineup, there’s a reasonably high chance of winning something.

Is it just for cricket?

Dream 11 Fantasy league is for both football and cricket matches. So it gives you more opportunities to exhibit your football knowledge skills and win big. Football League includes all European leagues and US leagues. European leagues include Spanish, English Premier League , Italian League and German Bundlesliga. This would particularly fascinate Bengalis and East Indians who are madly in love with football! Try bidding in contests which have less no of entries and higher no of winning teams. This will help you to get a better chance of earning a nice profit.

About Dream11

This website that helps you create a fantasy league was founded way back in 2012. Dream11.com is available to play both in the website as well as an Android App or an iPhone app. You can read the testimonials too where people have been building their dream teams and earning a lot of money for the five years!
So what are you waiting for? Start building your team and earn big for your favourite pastime!

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  1. That’s quite informative and at the same time very interesting. I am totally passionate about cricket and would definitely love to try this out! Best part.. it is available for both IOS and Android! Cool..

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