Eduauraa- Fall In Love With Learning And Academics

Eduauraa- A premier digital learning platform to empower child

The outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic has certainly brought some unimagined changes in our life. Talking about adults, most of the companies has switched to ‘Work From Home’, while for kids, school is now available on their fingertips in form of mobile phones. While the teachers at school are taking great efforts to take the online classes and ensure that kids can understand the various concepts in an easy way, I, as a mother is quite worried about my child.

Whether my child is can understand the concept or not? Is he able to get his doubts cleared? These are some typical questions that keep lingering in my mind. If you too are having the same questions than this post is a must read for you.

When I discussed my problem with one of my relative, she recommended to me and told me about its various features. I instantly enquired more about it and finally I got my son enrolled for it. To be frank, I am quite satisfied with the outcome and hence I decided to share about my experience with you all through this post.


Eduauraa is a premier digital learning platform, best experienced on desktop and laptop, created with a philosophy of empowering children and playing catalysts to equal opportunities. This platform aims at utilizing the best technology, to make quality education available in every corner of India at an affordable price. The platform provides content for 9 different board from 6th – 12th standard. Instead of serving as a substitute for learning at school, Eduauraa lessons compliment them, helping the child to score better.

Eduauraa is having a strategic distribution with Zee5 to offer education and entertainment, empowering over 310 million students. It provides Basically with Annual ZEE5 subscription you can avail for entertainment and education at an affordable price worth Rs. 999. The offer is for limited time period, valid up till 31st Oct.

Features of Eduauraa

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1) Highly Experienced, Friendly and Qualified Mentors:

Eduauraa has a team of brilliant teachers from India’s top schools who are responsible for the quality-check of the content created, and a team of visualizers who ensure the product is alluring to the eye for students.

2) Easy to use and swift Interface:

Eduauraa has an easy to use UI/UX and in-app features like never before such as – Eduauraa Proficiency Quotient to analyze a student’s progress, Eduauraa Assistant for easy study scheduling, a virtual classroom so peers can study together. By combining all various input aspects of a user, AI (Artificial Intelligence) – based EPQ plays a key role in analyzing and interpreting vast amounts of learner data.

3) Original Content To Help Child Develop An Active Interest In Learning:

Eduauraa provides perfect content for students of class 6 to 10 in both English and Hindi. The content is made for all 4 subjects – Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. It covers 9 different boards, including ICSE, CBSE and seven state boards. The content at Eduauraa is designed by expert teachers according to every board, so that every student stays in line with their schoolwork and the amount of information being taught to them corresponds with their syllabus.

4) The Eduauraa’s Perfect Approach:

At Eduauraa the lesson are designed to help students feel comfortable at his learning pace. For each topic, A team of teachers, subject experts, visualizers, animators, editors and directors, work together to create a perfect learning experience. Each chapter is divided into videos, e-books and tests to ensure that kids understand the concept thoroughly. It provides the kids a safe environment. At the end of every chapter, there is a specially designed mind map which is essentially the journey of the chapter so that the child can remember important definitions and points for last-minute exam preparation.

Owing to the amazing features, Eduauraa seems to be a perfect investment for me to ensure a bright future for my kid. Afterall, Education is the perfect tool to bring the change in the world. Further they are having Introductory offer which makes it even more affordable. So, I would definitely recommend you all to do give Eduauraa a try for your kids and I am sure that you be totally happy which be seen from the good scores of your kid.

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  1. I may not have kids, but I have a lot of niece and nephews. I am sure this shall benefit them a lot.

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