Encourage Them To Do Physical Activities

As we all are aware of this fact that our kids are more involved in gadgets & electronics items rather than indulging in outdoor activities such as playing badminton, football, etc. Though as parents, we try our best to keep them away from all those playing gadgets yet the efforts don’t seem to be fruitful.

Those were the golden days when we used to play in our colony with all the kids (childhood memories) . Games like leg hop, lock & key, wall touch, kabbadi, kho kho, Rumaal chor and many more games were in trend. Our evening time was preoccupied with outdoor activities or games such as badminton, cricket, and other games too.

In fact, we never get time for rest…our TV time was in the evening or on Sunday only. And when it comes to giving priority, we used to give preference to outdoor activities rather than keeping an eye on television until and unless there was some special program being showcased on the Television.

In my case, I was popular among all the kids because I was the only girl child who loved to play cricket among other children in my colony.

In today’s generation, we can see that there is less active participation by kids and somehow it’s our fault. Being a parent we feel easy to handle them when they are around us. To be frank, we are so much occupied in our lives that we don’t have the time to take them out in parks so that they can indulge in outdoor games.

Hence, we try to convince them with mobile, tv or any other electronic appliances, which is not good for them. I can understand that the outside environment is not the same now as it used to be but that should not hinder the growth and development of a child. Instead, we should look forward to finding a creative solution to this problem.

We need to make them realize the importance of physical activities by keeping them busy in daily chores at home by giving some tasks or by going out with them to play a few games which interest them. In this way, we should not be leaving them alone and can have an eye on them what they are doing.

As it’s the need of the time, so they should know by doing physical activities their health will be good, they can learn so many skills and can explore so many other things as well. And moreover, they will get the opportunity to make new friends and meet new people.

Games like football, cricket, badminton, volleyball should be played. Though in many schools these games are organized by the community for the kids, but that don’t happen on a daily basis. According to me, to keep children fit and healthy an activity should happen daily.

My daughter is fond of playing football but she can play at school only. So now I have set a time schedule to make sure that she is able to play football for at least 15 minutes on the ground floor of our home. All my family members participate in the football session with her to motivate her. Even my younger son also participates in it.

I am trying my best to get involved with them even though my age not allows me to do much active work but at least I can inspire them to play more.

How about you moms?
Do you also play with them?
Do they take part in any activity?

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3 thoughts on “Encourage Them To Do Physical Activities”

  1. That’s a lovely post and I’m proud to say I’m one mom who plays with my kids be it badminton or even races. My kids are complete outdoor ones and this lockdown is just wasting their energies completely within the house so I make them dance and join them too.

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