Experience with Everteen Panty Liner

It is quite common in women to have some discharge during the day but this can result in uncomfortable situation, sometimes embarrassing and even damp, especially during workouts. One way to overcome such an uncomfortable situation is by using Panty Liner. A panty liner can be an everyday saviour for women who need that all day comfortable and fresh feeling down there. Needless to say it has become an integral part of my daily personal hygiene.

You may be thinking that what is this Panty Liner? Well, Panty liners are thin pads that absorb small amounts of menstrual blood and fluid. It is akin to a pad but just not as thick or absorbent. It is a version of pads that females wear inside their undies in order to prevent stains and keep their underwear clean. It can be used to absorb daily vaginal discharge, post-intercourse discharge, or light menstrual blood flow and helps to maintain a moist free, fresh and clean feeling throughout the day. One thing that I need to mention is that one should avoid using Panty Liner during the days of heavy periods. Panty liners are indeed a great choices for women who wish to feel dry, fresh and confident every day. It works best if it is changed every 3-5 hours.

In this post of mine I will be talking about the everteen daily panty liners, a product that I have been using for quite a long time and I found it to be simply amazing in order to avoid uncomfortable and embarrassing situations.

Everteen Natural Cotton Daily Panty Liners are made of 100% natural cotton surface hence it provides you instant dry and soft feel without any irritation. These Panty Liners are thin & comfortable, designed to make you feel like wearing a fresh panty. The Anti-bacterial negative ion strip helps prevent bacterial multiplication & eliminates bad odour. The breathable layers of everteen panty liners keep the moisture away so that your sensitive bikini area remains dry and clean all the time.

These Panty liners from everteen which are available in a box containing 36 individual pieces are so ultra-thin as if they are almost invisible. Furthermore absorb any accidental leaks and light discharges to keep your intimate area dry and spotless which is quite important for ensuring proper personal hygiene.

Some of the features of Panty Liners are as follows:

1) 100% natural cotton surface for instant dry and soft feel.

2) Help you feel more flexible and comfortable.

3) As a backup for tampons & menstrual cup.

4) Helps to maintain daily intimate hygiene.

5) Food-grade, non-toxic adhesive helps keep liner securely in place.

6) Anti-bacterial negative ion strip helps prevent bacterial multiplication & eliminates bad odour.

7) Ultra-thin and extra absorbent for everyday freshness.

8) Breathable layers help keep moisture away.

Available in a pack of 36 pcs at quite an affordable price, these everteen panty liners are definitely recommended to feel fresh and clean entire day, every day. You can use it between periods, as a backup for tampons, for urinary incontinence, light discharge maintaining daily hygiene. Do try this product from everteen and share your experience in the comments below.

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  1. Pehle mujhe bhi lagta tha ki ye sab faltu ki chize hain, per jab se use karna shuru kiya tab se iski importance samjh aayi
    Itna comfortable n confidence lagta hai

  2. This is really an useful product for every women specially working women like e

  3. Thanks for telling about this product. Seems quite a useful product for women.

  4. I wasn’t aware this product is so useful ,
    Thank you for bringing this to my notice .
    I will definitely try this out

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