Family Time – Is the best time

Praveer : Mom! Please Aaj Sambhar vada banao!

Jhanvi: If you are making sambahr vada for him then I want to eat Idli Sambhar!

Well, this lockdown has increased the work for all of us, especially housewives. And I think that all you ladies out there can relate to this situation.

Before the lockdown, when kids and my husband go to school and office respectively, I used the free time to maintain the home and somewhat relax myself. But now there is no end to the so-called ‘farmaish’ by kids and hubby. It is not so that I don’t like their requests, instead, I am enjoying this time as the whole family is together and I am getting to spend some quality time with my whole family. Earlier all used to be busy in their own work so no one had time for each other but thanks to this lockdown things have changed a lot. We eat together, play together, and share things with each other.

Everything was going fine but one day because of the work overload things didn’t go well with me and I started feeling headache and my health deteriorated. I was not able to share my feeling with family members as this will lead to tension for them. When I looked towards the bathroom I was shocked to see the huge laundry that was piled up and the Ariel detergent was at it place, washing machine was clean and the clothes were in the balcony.

As I was not feeling well, I decided to take some rest and then do the work. I didn’t know when I got asleep. When I got up I was surprised to see that my husband was standing by my side holding a cup of tea. Being literally shocked, I was staring at the teacup and my husband because the person who never picks a glass by himself has prepared tea for me. I was quite excited and drank the tea and I must admit that the taste of the tea was beyond words.

I thanked him for tea and went to check the laundry. Here too I was surprised to see that the clothes have been washed and were on the hangers for drying. Further, the entire room was cleaned and everything was organized properly. And my vada and idli i.e. my son and daughter were picking up their toys and organizing them neatly. Even they helped their father i.e. my husband to water the plants in the garden. When I went to the kitchen, all the three i.e. my husband and both kids came there to help me out.

I thanked all of them for helping me out and from that day it was decided that now the household chores will be shared so that everyone can enjoy the time with family. I need to say thank you to my hubby and kids for solving all of mine problem and helping me out with the daily chores.

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