Father’s Day – Make this day more special

Life is incomplete without relations. Having relations gives us a sense of security. They give us happiness and hundreds and thousands of memories for a lifetime. We keep cherishing these memories, make ourselves feel happier.

One such very important relationship is between a father and his kids. It is one of those relationships which is selfless, pure, honest and full of love. A father takes care of his kids selflessly. He works hard throughout his life to provide all the means of happiness for their kids, to make their future better and stable. He takes care of his kids day and night.

Though the kids can show gratitude towards their father all their life but celebrating Father’s Day is one of those ways in which the fathers can be made feel special. This is that one day in an year in which the kids can make their fathers feel happy.

According to me, there are the following things which can be done on Father’s Day.


Start the day by serving bed tea or coffee to your father. Try to make this a surprise for him. Flowers will be a good complement to the morning tea.


Usually, the meals at home are made according to the choice of kids but on this day plan to make your father’s favourite dishes. Nothing makes a man happier than having his favourite food.


Think about what your father would love as a gift from you. It could be anything like new clothes, a new phone, new shoes etc. If it is possible try to find out the thing which your father wanted to buy for a long time but was not buying due to any reason.


In today’s time when most of us are glued to our mobile phones, it would be a good thing to take a break from it. Spend quality time with your father, talk to him about what has been going on in your life, share about yourself and express your love for him.

There is nothing like spending time with the family.It improves the bonding and makes us feel secure.Sharing happiness and sorrows helps in maintaining the emotional balances.

While selecting the gift please do remember that the value of the gift is not important, what is most important is how much thought you have put behind selecting the gift because at the end it’s the correct display of emotions that matters the most.




12 thoughts on “Father’s Day – Make this day more special”

  1. For me actually I dont have any father’s day special in mind. Because can just 1 day be enough to establish that we so much care for him. Still date I never wished my father on father’s day because I know him well, such specific day concept dont suits him. And I respect that

  2. These are some fab way for sure to make the fathers day best. We have planned a cake cutting and surprise gift for my partner

  3. Indeed a beautiful post. Loved the suggestions you have given here. I do follow some of these mentioned here. Would love to cook something special for him.

    1. Every day is father’s day and it must be celebrated with ut most joy. The simple things that you mentioned can indeed bring happiness to our dads and they totally deserve it

  4. Lovely suggestions. This year all celebrations are different but when it comes to special people, we don’t have to do anything fancy.

  5. Woww! Thank you so much for these amazing ideas to celebrate father’s day. Our father never want any gift for our side they only want love,care and respect. Thank you for this post.

  6. Fathers are indeed greater pillars of child life. And every day can be celebrated to make the parents feel how special they are. This post is so beautifully written.

  7. Read this post a tad late. haha..it’s almost the end of Father’s day here in SG. Great ideas though that can be done even if it’s not father’s day. Everyday is a special day to celebrate anyways!

  8. Very special to father’s Day. This is so amazing and I m interesting to read this. Well writing. I will share it . I really loved it. Thank you for sharing

  9. I really do not celebrate any specific day for my father or my mother..last almost 12 years I am staying outside, after marriage even we stay in different City not with in laws…so, whenever I go to my parents or my in laws , I try to spend quality time with them..all small small moments create a happiness around us and we get apart again with all memories..

  10. Happy Father’s day. Its important to do all these things regularly and not just fathers day. But great ideas☺️

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