First Timer’s Guide To Australia

Australia is the largest country in western Europe. People who are interested and are very passionate about the word tour must visit Australia. The country is famous for a unique Melbourne coffee, sunset in Uluru, delicious food and scenic street.
Travelling to Australia from India will cost approx 40,000 on a one-way journey. The total cost of a trip to Australia for seven days will approximately cost you 1,42,000 for individuals. The best time to visit Australia is between September to November and in between March to May.
Travellers must know what to visit in Australia, and this article will help them in experiencing Australia better.

Tourist interest in Australia:

Melbourne flat white coffee- A place for coffee lovers:

The coffee capital of Australia, Melbourne is the birthplace of Australia’s coffee drinkers. The flat white is an espresso coffee. It consists of steamed milk without a foam-like in cappuccino. This coffee is a signature drink of Melbourne. You must visit coffee shops or cafes in Melbourne street to enjoy a new form of coffee and to know the specialty of the bottle.

Australia’s ancient rock art:

Australia is the origin of the aboriginal culture. Australia is famous for its oldest rock art. To experience the world’s top art and culture, visit Kakadu National Park. The rock art describes the history of Australia.

Enjoy the walk in the Sydney Harbour Bridge:

You may know what a Sydney harbour bridge looks like, but a walk through it will give you a fantastic experience. You will get a beautiful look of the Sydney city, and you can enjoy quick bites and market on the way. You can also climb the bridge if you love adventure.

Sydney opera house:

The Sydney opera house is an architectural landmark in the Harbour City of Australia. The opera house throws plays, concerts, opera and talks. You can also take a tour backstage and can access corridors and green rooms. You can also visit the opera bar and opera kitchen after the completion of the tour in and outside the opera house.

A city beach: swimmers point

Australia has many city beaches which are very few kilometres from the city centre. Bondi Beach and Manly beach are nearer to the city hotel you need to travel 25 minutes to reach the shores. You can visit the beaches for morning coffee, enjoy swimming and can have a beautiful look at sunrise and sunset.

You may also visit:
. Great barrier reef
. Uluru
. Kangaroo Island
. Fraser island

So, take a visit to Australia and enjoy your vacations by visiting eye-catching points in Australia and relax with your friends and family on the beaches of Australia.

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  1. Australia is in my wish list since long time and after reading your post, I m wishing to visit it soon, in next vacation with my family. Lovely clicks and thanks for sharing details about the visiting places.

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  6. Thanks for this post! I went to Australia for my honeymoon but we only did Sydney and cairns as we went to New Zealand as well. It is still on my list. Loved the pics in the post

  7. Thanks for the details about Australia trip. It will surely be very helpful for anybody going on an Australian holiday. Oh and btw Australia is a separate continent and not a part of western Europe as mentioned in the first line of the post.

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