Hello Everyone ! You all must be quite surprised by seeing this headline ‘ Friendship Never Ends ‘ and you must be thinking, why I choose this topic in this friendship week.

Friends are like a box of crayons. Each one is different from the others, but put them together and they make a rainbow.

Well, I personally feel that no matter where we are or where we will be, if friendship is true, pure and from the heart, it will never end.

Sometimes some friends leave us with an unsaid bye, some leave by saying goodbye, some by saying that they will never come back, ‘so don’t try to contact them’ while other just get busy in their own life.

But Friendship is the feeling which still remains there and with it a belief to wait for them, that one day they will be back and the friendship will be on the same track again, it’s just Time plays a significant role in that phase.

‘Dosti woh nahi jo pal bhar ke liye ki jaaye, Dosti toh woh hain, jo umar bhar saath nibhane ke saath de jaaye ‘

Who is a friend?

A friend is someone who, who brings a smile on your face with just a message, who understand your silence, who have an eye on you that you are doing well or not and corrects you when you are getting on wrong path. Friend is someone who may not be there to share your happiness, but in your sad times, he will always be with you, like a ‘Pillar Of Strength’.

Sometimes all we need in our life is the presence of a friend.
Only a friend can handle your mood swings, they bear your anger when you are upset with anything. According to me, friendship is the most beautiful relationship in this world

Sometimes it’s a friend’s presence which matter a lot for us, that they care for us, no matter if they talk, no matter if there is a long conversation with them or not……when there is a special bonding in friendship, silence also speak million words

Only in a friend you can get many relations or you can find a friend in many relations in your life, like a friend can be your brother, cousin, sister, parents or it could be any relation and the best one as per me is with parents because we can share anything with them without any hesitation.

‘ Jab waqt saath nahi deta Nah, Tab yeh dost hi hain ,jo saath de jaate bin kahe ‘

‘ Kabhi kabhi alfaaz ki jarorat nahi hoti, khamoshiyaan hi kaafi hoti hai, dost ko samajhne ke liye ‘

In this friendship week, I want to convey a message to all my friends who are not in touch with me.
Hoping someday they will come across this blog post of mine and know that how much I am missing their presence in my life.
‘ Jo Rishte Anmol Hote Nah , Unhe Bhool Paana Muskil Hota ‘
“You will always be in my prayers and off course in my memories too , because those memories always bring smile on my face, sometimes these memories fills my eyes too but that doesn’t matter because they have been the best gift of life, as it is you my friend, who makes these memories cherishable forever.”
Their lifetime of FRIENDSHIP with precious MEMORIES is the greatest gift of my LIFE.
‘Bitha hua Waqt kabhi nahi aata……………………………….Par bithe hue waqt mein, Dost ki yaad jaroor aa jaati hain ‘

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41 thoughts on “FRIENDSHIP NEVER ENDS …….”

  1. Friends indeed add colours to life and are precious than diamonds, but i feel sad to see that not every Friendship is everlasting in today’s world.

  2. Friends are truly sisters/bothers from another mother. All u need is a cool bunch of friends to feel content in life

  3. I so agree.. true friendship will never end. Although we may loose touch, the relationship remains the same and that is the magic of friendship.

  4. There is nothing on this earth to be more prized than true friendship. A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.
    Very well-written post.

  5. Superb Post indeed friendship is the most beautiful relationrhip in the world

  6. Lovely post agree with you , beeta hua waqt wapas nahi aata par woh baatein yaad rah jati Hai , I too miss my friends.

  7. Every relation starts with friendship. I just can’t live without my friends. Some relationship starts with friendship and goes life long.

  8. Friends and friendship two widely used terms but very few know the true meaning.
    Loved reading your post, it’s truly amazing

  9. Friends are like crayons. Loved this line. You are right, reason could be many for not able to meet old friends but they are always there in our hearts .

  10. I agree with true friendship is Best when you find it. I’ve 2 besties and the time spend with them is the happiest moments . They are now my family members. I love this post.

  11. Such beautiful thoughts and message via this post. Friendship is such a precious gift that any relationship can be made special with it. It’s a building block for most relationships.

  12. Straight from heart.. I loved those lil couplets in hindi too and what better time for me to read it.. I am just back from a girls trip and made loads of memories with my friends

  13. That’s a lovely post. I agree friends are really important and it’s a beautiful relationship. I miss those old moments spent with my friends

  14. Contrary to what you said in the beginning of the post i cannot think of a better time for this article. There is no life without friends and I truly believe in it.

  15. Friendship is a beautiful relationship I have had a few friends who just called it quits when I required them the most but some have stayed around and help me rebuild myself. Very beautiful article.

  16. i am so thankful for the small group of friends i have. they really motivate me, when m down or want to feel happy. loved reading the post

  17. A beautiful post on friendship. I am totally enjoying all the posts on the blog train. Happy fruendhfri day Priyal

  18. Lovely post! Don’t we all love those memories and talk about them for hours together? Time spent with friends is always precious.

  19. Direct Dil Se post 🙂 I could literally cherish my good old memories with my friends. I will meet them soon, I am in a new city after marriage and have no friends here. I miss them a lot 🙁

  20. you know my daughter is becoming my BFF slowly. Now she can’t understand any complications of relationships but yes she a great companion to shopping or coffee break.

  21. True friendship is never ends but it’s very tough to keep long lasting friendship with old friends due to job change & city change. loved reading your post

  22. Wah priyal I really enjoyed reading this post, it seems like u wrote with so many feelings specially the hindi lines makes it more interesting and worth reading

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