Give Best To Your Kids

Every parent wants the future of their child to be secure and safe. They do all the small and big things which will help their child to have a future where he can earn the name and fame. They don’t leave any stone unturned.

The question here arises is what the parents should do for their child so that the child utilize the facilities given to him by his parent. There could be many things that can be considered in the list of the things to be provided. Usually the first thing that comes in the mind is the materialistic things which undoubtedly can provide comfortable life to any individual.

Parents need to identify the difference between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ of the child. The parents who are able to understand the difference between needs and wants are surely able to provide a better and secure future to the kid. Logically parents should put their efforts to fulfill the needs of their kid instead of putting the efforts to fulfill the wants.

‘Needs’ are the necessary requirement of an individual which he required to live his life. ‘Needs’ may include the most basic requirements of the life like food, clothes, shelter, education etc. However, ‘wants’ is a totally different concept. ‘Wants’ are those requirements of life without which the life will not stop. It usually comprises of the materialistic things like personal phone, personal vehicle etc. The demand for materialistic things comes usually when we see other people having the things with them and then we want them for us too.

As a parent if we can understand this difference and can make the child understand the concept this too then we are surely putting a strong base for the life of the child. This, in my opinion is a best gift from any parent to their child. We should teach them on how to keep the focus on for things which they need in their life, the things which will help them in becoming a better human being, will make them humble and kind.

It’s very easy for a child to get caught in the hallucinations which are available in abundance everywhere. Kids are prone to and are easy target to these hallucinations. These hallucinations are very dangerous for a kid’s future.

Kids tend to lose their focus from their purpose and start following these mirages because they keep looking forward towards those things which will make them happy in a short term.

As a parent, if we are able to teach our child about how to keep the child away from these mirages and not focus on the modes which will give the child short term or temporary happiness then this will be considered as a biggest achievement. This is the best gift which a parent can provide to their child.

Laying the proper foundation is most basic requirement of our structure and if we are able to lay a strong foundation in our child’s future then nothing in this world will be able to stop to child in achieving what they wish for.

This post is written by Abhi (Loaursuno) we both are together participating in #BlogchatterA2Z challenge

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