Good Parents or Perfect Parents – Fact or Myth?

We intend to seek perfection in whatever we do in our lives. This is basic human nature and when this perfection is not achieved, we get disappointed easily. What we need to understand is that we should not keep our expectation levels high with ourselves and from the tasks we do. Lower the level, lower the disappointment. One such important task of our life is ‘parenting’. This is one task that is very tricky.

Parents make their best efforts to grow their children and take utmost care. They provide the best of food, education, clothing and atmosphere at home to their child and make the kid’s life comfortable and help them become a good person and achieve big things in life.

Despite all the things sometimes the kids fall into the bad company and their life starts to move in the wrong direction.

This doesn’t mean that the parenting was wrong. No one can’t control all the things in his life but they can surely make conscious efforts to do so. At the same time, the parents should not get disappointed with their efforts.

We can try to guide our kid’s life in the right direction through the following ways.



Kids imitate their parents. Therefore, it becomes most important for the parents to lead by example for their kids. They should be polite, display good habits to their kids so that the kids can follow their parent’s good habits.


The most important gift a parent can give to their kid is their time. Life is tough and it is difficult for the parents to make the ends meet. Still, the parents should make conscious efforts to spend more time with their kids. Kids feel happy when they see that their parents love spending time with them and then the kids seek people outside their home. The kids should not feel lonely.


Kid’s minds are vulnerable. They are easily attracted towards the toys / gadgets which they might see on TV commercials or with the other kids and then they want it badly. Sometimes, they become very stubborn with their demand. At this time the parents should talk to their kids and make them understand if the kid really needs the toy or is it just a want arising out of attraction. If the kid understands this concept then this will help him in taking decisions throughout his life.



Make it a habit for your kids to pray regularly. Again, this can be done by leading by example. Praying provides a lot of emotional strengths.

Well, there can be many more ways through which we can guide our child’s life in the right direction but again at the same time, we shouldn’t be too harsh on ourselves regarding the outcome of the efforts. The word ‘perfection’ in itself is a myth. I believe as parents we should strive to become good parents instead of perfect parents


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10 thoughts on “Good Parents or Perfect Parents – Fact or Myth?”

  1. Very good post about good parents or perfect parents being a fact or myth. Highly informative. Nicely written and keep up the good work.

  2. I agree perfection is a myth. Parents do their best and children evolve as they see the world around them. Parents can only be good and teach good.

  3. I totally agree with your blog and the simple yet important steps that highlights the same. Spending time with kids is of utmost importance I agree

  4. The points mentioned by you are totally apt and very practical. Cognitive Theory says that children learn things symbolically between 2-7 years of age. Leading with example and spending time with them works great to shape up their thinking. Will share this article with people who I know needs it.

    1. You are so right when you say perfection is a myth. Parents strive to teach their children the best. And they can only work towards inculcating good values. And I think that much is also good.

  5. Your post is a real eye opener.
    I just would comment with the mention of a conversation once with one of my three daughters.
    She was walking with me and I told her to watch her steps.
    She said, dad you watch your steps, because I follow your footsteps.

  6. I think when it comes to parenting, perfection is an illusion at best. However, striving towards perfection is a goal worth pursuing. Again parenting is not a one-way street and needs to be taken as such.

  7. As they say kids don’t come with manuals. So every parent is doing what best they can and there is nothing called being perfect. So as long as the parents teach good values and how to be nice to the kids, I think they are doing fine.

  8. I could not agree more with your blog and the simple yet important steps that highlight the same. Spending time with kids and understanding them is very important.

  9. Nothing can be perfect and we can only strive to do our best. This goes so much with parenting. The tips you shared is so correct, especially spending time with your children. These days time is not something we can give freely, but it is the most important thing to give to our children.

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