How Does Hospice Works : Let’s Know Everything About It

Hospice care is a health care place where a patient gets the best quality of life in the time remaining for them.

Even the patient’s loved one gets full support from the staff of hospice.

Talking about death at an early stage is not regarded good in our society, but recently I came across the word “hospice” and I was quite curious to know how people feel about it and whether do they have any hint about hospice or not.

What I  have understood from my knowledge I am sharing the same in my this post.

Hospice is a place where the best possible treatment is given by the staff to the patients both emotionally and mentally. It’s a special kind of care that focuses on the quality of life for people by the staff of Hospice . They provide the best possible care to people in their last phase of incurable diseases so that they live a peaceful and comfortable life

The entire team makes sure to works together to ensure that a person’s final days are filled with dignity and respect thus making it peaceful for them i.e. exactly the way the person wants to spend it being surrounded by the people they love.

The best part of hospice care is that it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Most of the hospice caregivers provide a home like environment, giving the patients a level of peace and comfort. When it comes to Hospice billing, they take the payment on a daily basis.

They are 4 level levels of hospice care –

Hospice Care at Home –

This will be considered as routine care, which includes pain management, symptom management, emotional and spiritual compelling for the patient and family. Care will be based on the patient’s needs

Continuous hospice care –

Continous care is necessary when a patient is having a medical crisis

Inpatient Hospice Care –

This care is necessary if the condition of the patient is not manageable at home. The staff of the hospice will try to control the pain and stabilize symptoms so that the patient can go back to their home. Though some patients choose to stay at Inpatient center as a neutral safe space to be with family and loved ones

Respite Care –

Inpatient hospice care also offers respite care for home hospice patients.

Hospice Care aims to offer medical care and emotional support that respects the unique wishes of the patient. The need is to understand where and when hospice should be offered at the first stage. Because it is for our loved ones so we need to be very careful.

To take care of the health of our dear ones is important but what is more important is to be with them all the time by giving support, both emotionally and mentally. This is what a patient expects from others…… love, care, and support.

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13 thoughts on “How Does Hospice Works : Let’s Know Everything About It”

  1. Haven’t heard about Hospice Care. A patient need mental and emotional care too when they are sick. I liked the levels of the Hospice Care.

  2. Hospice care sounds like a great option give good care to sick patients when they need most support. It is great that they offer their services for 24 hours and 7 days in a week.

  3. This is the first time i am hearing about Hospice care. They are doing a wonderful service by providing physical and mental support to patients.

  4. I have read this word many a times in Bangalore, but never knew the real meaning of it. Glad to have learned it well here on your blog.

  5. When people are sick they need care in term sof physical and mental . I’m sure from the write-up hospice is definitely the best place for patients to be taken care

  6. Hospice seems to be a really wonderful and commendable concept. It is a great initiative to ease the burden on the patient and their caregivers.

  7. I had first known about hospic Care through a Kdrama where the main cast worked in hospic and the most part of the story was around hospic Care. That’s when I did a bit of reading to know what it is exactly.

  8. Wow it is so good to know about Hospice buddy they can be really helpful for the sick I am saving your post for reference dear.

  9. Hospice is a new concept for me, I wasn’t aware of this. But it seems so helpful for the ones who are suffering health-wise and may need this crucial care and support. We have a family member who has lot of health issues, will surely share this with them.

  10. Hospice is quite a thoughtful concept especially for people like us who have ageing parents living in other cities. I would certainly explore more about Hospice and the scope of their services.

  11. It is good that Hospice care focus on emotional and mental care of patients too. Would love to know more about them and try out their facilities next time.

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