How My Cousin Planned A Perfect Wedding Using WedMeGood

As winter is around the corner, so is the wedding season. This makes me nostalgic and hence makes me remember all the sweet and happy memories cum moments of the wedding which I attended just two months back. It was my my cousin’s marriage which I attended with my family. Let me tell you that it was the best-est wedding I have attended till date. Firstly, because I got to meet all my cousins after so many years at one place. We all enjoyed a lot in the marriage. We relived all those moments when we use to stay together and play together.

And secondly I was pretty impressed with the decoration, theme of the marriage and the way each and everything was organised. My cousin found most of her wedding vendors from the WedMeGood’s wedding planning App .When I checked the App, I was sure that I am going to
make the full use of this app in planning my wedding.

My uncle has found the wedding venue for the destination wedding at WedMeGood only. The venue was decorated beautifully in Rajasthani theme for the ‘Mehendi’ function. To ensure that moms don’t get disturbed while applying mehendi on their hand, a kid section was installed for
the kids so that they can enjoy with other kids. I too applied mehendi on my hand which was of a very beautiful peacock design.

The second day was the day of sangeet ceremony. All the dance performances were simply
amazing to say the least. In fact I too performed a bollywood dance sequence, which was appreciated by everyone present there. But the whole applause belongs to the choreographer who taught me in such a short period. We were quite tired and hungry after the performance, so we all went to the food stalls to have our dinner and I was simply awestruck by the splendid sight. There were so many food stalls that we get confused which stall should we visit first, then we decided to taste the dishes one by one as we all are in big group :p

Sound funny but we cousin are like this only !

Next day, was the day for which we all were eagerly waiting, it was the day of marriage. The hall was decorated with lemon curtains and flowers, that were looking quite beautiful. The ceremony started with Haldi rituals. Finally, it as the time when I can take revenge from my cousin, and we have done this ritual in a beautiful manner by applying lots of haldi over her face.

We enjoyed each and every function, and in the evening we all rushed to get ready as soon as possible as the time of reception as approaching. I went to my cousin room to have a glimpse of the soon to be bride. She was looking so beautiful that my eyes were stuck on her only. She was slaying it totally in that red lehenga and a glittering diamond set…….it was totally a ‘Nazar na lag Jaye’ moment.

I entered the wedding Hall with my cousin for the varmala ceremony and I just loved the way whole ambiance was decorated in a royal way. Everything was so perfectly arranged that my cousin’s family don’t have to take much load of any work.

Everything was handled by the event management in perfect way.

Finally all the functions were completed as per the rituals in an outstanding way. Hence, it was
the time for us to come back to our home.

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24 thoughts on “How My Cousin Planned A Perfect Wedding Using WedMeGood”

  1. Wedmegood is already popular and they do really good job. Now its better to hire a wedding planner to make things more smooth and well planned. You dont have to take any extra responsibility and families can also enjoy the day.

  2. Well thanx for this wonderful cousins wedding is in pipeline..Would ask her family to check this sure it would help them out..

  3. This sounds like a great option to get started with a dream wedding .Wedmegood sounds interesting.

  4. Seems like wedmegood made your cousin’s life so much easier. There are so many hiccups in planning a wedding and if all the service providers are under one umbrella, I bet it becomes so much easier to manage things.

  5. I love the photos. I think your cousin did the right job by choosing wedmegood for wedding. Great arrangements I must say!

  6. I love everything about wedmegood like how well they organize everything. Thanks for sharing your person experience with us.

  7. Wed Me Good is a popular website I refer for wedding and party ideas but didnt know it has a planning app as well. Thanks for this post.

  8. When my wedding was planned all the work was done by us. Schedule was present but coordination lacked. This sounds like the most easiest way to plan Weddings.

  9. My brother’s wedding is soon enough and this sounds like a fantastic idea. My father couldn’t enjoy my wedding, I hope we can all plan it better this time.

  10. Wedmegood seems like the perfect partner for people getting married! The way you described the settings and arrangements is totally amazing!

  11. Ahhhh!!! I so wish they were there when I got married The entire prep and planning is so wonderful… and the way you’ve projected them, it’s simply amazing!

  12. I’ve personally not tried “WedMeGood” but with your recommendations, i certainly know whom to contact for wedding planning. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Wow wedmegood offers so many beautiful theme destination for wedding. Would definitely recommend to my friend

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