How to create a short video by using HiPi App

How do you say you are a millennial without saying you are a millennial? Well, you are addicted to videos. So either you are watching one or creating one yourself. And not just any video, but the short video.

Welcome to 2021. Life is short, and the attention span is even shorter. Keeping someone glued to the screen for more than a few seconds has become a task indeed. No wonder we have more ADHD persons in this world these days. At one point, we are craving for attention, while on the other side, we are reluctant to give it. Well, these are some of the things that have made the 21st century so phenomenally different from the past.


  1. Influencer marketing has entered the mainstream mode of advertising. A few years ago, what seemed so novel and impractical has become a billion-dollar industry and is here to stay. Whether it’s big brands or startups, everyone is resorting to influencer advertising. Why? It’s more relatable to the general public, has more variety and is way more economical than roping in a single celebrity.


  1. Cable television is dying a slow death. Who has the time for year-long sagas when you can binge-watch season after season in a single go on an OTT platform?


  1. YouTube has got fierce competition from short video platforms. Even the OG video giant has come up with a quick video feature. However, there are so many such platforms; you must be wondering which one to go for? I love the HiPi app.


  1. Food is fast, and it’s delivered even faster. Millennials have stopped cooking because ordering food has never been easier and faster.


  1. We have machines for all our work, and we need devices to work out. Irony.


If influencer marketing is here to stay, then so are short videos. Videos are the future of everything. Whether it’s advertising or studying, entertainment or presentation, a short video has the best impact on our minds.


So how do you create short videos on the Hipi app?


  • First of all, download it from the play store.
  • It has several options for duration: 15, 30, 45, 60and 90 seconds. So if it’s just getting ready, you can opt for the 15 or 30-second duration option. While if it’s a recipe video or a DIY, you can opt for the more extended versions.
  • Hipi app has some excellent speed options. Like you can record the video at different speeds. You can opt for the slower speeds like 0.3x (very slow), 0.5x (slow) or faster like 2x and 3x.
  • When showing a repetitive action (like whisking the batter or painting), opt for faster speed. While if it’s opening something, pouring out a drink, or popping a pill, opt for the slower reveal.
  • Make use of the filters. A beauty filter removes the fine lines from your face. You can mark a filter or an effect as your favourite in the Me section.

That makes recording even more accessible.

  • Use the countdown feature: This helps you to record hands-free. How cool is it?
  • The discover button has everything you are looking for; type in the search section, whether it’s a user or a soundtrack.
  • After recording, click the finish button. You can either save a draft or publish it immediately.

Some non-negotiable pointers for creating a good quality short video:

  • Make sure your phone is steady. Always use a tripod.
  • Make some preliminary checks before hitting the record button. Is your device well charged? Wipe your camera. Put it on airplane mode.
  • Never compromise on lighting. Natural light is the best. If not, make sure you have a bright source of artificial light. A ring light works wonders.


The HiPi app has a user-friendly interface that will make you fall in love with creating short videos. So what are you waiting for? Start creating your short video now!

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