How To Keep Yourself Healthy In Monsoon

Rain clouds come floating in, not to muddy my days ahead, but to make me calm, happy and hopeful”

Monsoon is the season which is generally loved by everyone, because of it’s weather, green environment and the loads of fun. But however, with pleasant weather it also brings a number of health problems which are not easy to deal with. So taking proper precautions becomes a requisite to avoid such health problems, especially for the kids as they need extra care during this season.

Spread of infection increases with the advent of monsoon. Cough, cold and flu are common problems of this season which attacks the children faster due to fluctuating temperature. Elderly people, College-going student, office goers and moms of little kids, all age group people are vulnerable to such infections. Food and water-borne diseases must be taken care of to avoid such illness.

Always find a shelter when the rain starts pouring in, and try to save yourself from getting drenched and don’t forget to take a shower when you reach home. Yes, taking a shower after getting wet in rain can sound weird but it is quite vital for the much needed precaution.

As it is rightly said that Prevention is better than cure, so here I am penning down some precautions which one should follow during monsoon to keep himself/herself healthy:-

1) Always keep your Raincoat or Umbrella with you and don’t forget to wear waterproof shoes.

2) It’s good to have hot drinks after shower, the best drink will be a cup of hot milk, green tea or soup.

3)Dont forget to drink plenty of water, it help you drain toxins from your body , maybe you will not feel thirsty but its good to drink water in short interval ( Drink pure and clean water)

4) In rainy season its necessary to take care of Cleanliness, try to maintain hygiene around you if you catch a cold, you should clean your hand regularly and use a sanitizer too

5) Always prefer to eat fruits and Green salads as it will help you restore energy . Apples, Mangoes ,Pomegranate and Pears are best for this season . Try avoiding eating watermelon and muskmelons

6)Always keep your house properly clean and take care of garbage. Garbage should be thrown properly outside the house in the dustbin

7) As soon as you bring the vegetables don’t miss to wash them and keep them clean

8)Spicy foods should be avoided as it leads to allergies and skin irritation . Yes, spicy food raises body temperature and stimulate blood circulation ,do better to avoid it in monsoon

9) Always close the bucket of water with a plate to keep it safe.

10) Try to avoid walking through rainy water, it can lead to fungal diseases of the feet and heels.

11) Play indoor game with children rather than allowing them to go outside to play in the playground

12) Don’t use air conditioner rooms with wet hairs

13) Try to have bitter food during monsoon like bitter gourd, neem etc to avoid from skin infections, also avoid fried item and add boiled vegetables in your diet

14) In monsoon we have to have street side but its good to avoid eating street food and outside good rather then cook at home and eat

By taking care of this few precautions we can keep ourself healthy in monsoon season . Have a happy Monsoon with lots of calm and green environment near you and have a good health too

“Take Proper care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in.” 🙂

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34 thoughts on “How To Keep Yourself Healthy In Monsoon”

  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tips its gonna help to stay fit and healthy in this monsoon

  2. Thanks for sharing such useful tips for the monsoon, will take care and follow this tip

  3. Monsoon and falling sick goes hands in hands. These are some wonderful tips. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. The most interesting trivia was having bitter food in monsoons. Really insightful Thank you for sharing this wonderful blog post with us.

    Looking forward to more.

  5. You have mentioned important points in the post. In monsoon, people often fall ILL while they can stay healthy by keeping some points in mind.

  6. Should have read this post a little earlier! Learnt the hard way that oily and spicy food should be avoided in rainy season.

  7. This is an insightful post and I didn’t give much attention to some of the important points earlier but now I think it’s essential to not to walk in rainy water and take care of eating and drinking habits etc.

  8. Great tips, I try to follow the points raised wrt hygiene and food. we completely avoid outside food and rely on well cooked foods only.

  9. We surely need to take care of all these tips..some of them i didnt even knew…

  10. The season of Monsoon brings along n number of infections. You have shared some great tips on how to take care of oneself in this season

  11. These are some really helpful tips and a must to be followed during the monsoon. Thanks for sharing!

  12. It’s monsoon time and who doesn’t like monsoons!! I do except when it leads to the cold and cough that my kids land up getting. These pointers are bang for the buck.

  13. Thanks for sharing all the imp tips. My son is suffering with cold and cough also. I will follow these.

  14. These are such essential tips, thanks for the detailed blogpost ! Overall health is very important especially when infections are at an all time high .

  15. Some great tips for monsoon! As much as I love it, the change in weather does take a toll on one’s health. Will implement these for sure

  16. I go through that phase too of having the chatpata food on street, this year it reduced a lot and tried to control my hunger pangs :p
    This post has every important point to be taken into consideration to stay fit in monsoons 🙂

  17. rain brings germs which is why we faced several skin and hair issues. These tips are really helpful for getting them resolved.

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