How To Make A Balance Between Discipline & Strict Order Among Kids

Kids are very vulnerable. They are like those plants that needs proper care and any wrong step in taking their care can divert their life and attitude in the wrong direction. Parents need to be very careful while handling their kids specially with respect to their behavioural issues. Kids are life soft soil which can be moulded in various characters. Needless to say that the person (parents in this case) who is responsible for moulding of the character should be wise enough to give it a perfect shape.The most important thing is the parents should understand that there is a fine line between maintaining the discipline and the strict order among their kids. Sometimes the parents make strict rules for kids to make them learn discipline. This, instead of doing any benefit does more harm to the kids.

How To Make A Balance Between Discipline And Strict Order Among Kids

According to me the parents should adopt the following techniques to make their kids disciplined:


Kids should be given work from the household. They should be assigned fix works which they should complete on their own regularly. Small works like maintaining cleanliness of their own room, keeping up their cupboards in order, watering the plants at home, filling up the water bottles etc. These are small tasks which are risk free and can be done easily.


Kids should be given a fix schedule during the day for study and for playing or other leisure activities. They should understand the importance of both the activities. Living the day as per time schedule help them understand the importance of time management.


Kids should be encouraged to pray regularly. Parents should help their kids understand the concept of supreme power and have faith in them.


Kids should respect their elders under any circumstances. Parents should make their kids understand the importance of blessing from their elders and the kids shouldn’t disrespect them in any way.


Parents should encourage their kids to take participate in the school activities and the household activities as well. Most of the times kids do not initiate participation on their own because they are hesitant or shy. Taking participation in such group activities helps the kid understand the importance of teamwork and develop leadership skills as well.


Parents should make their kids understand the importance of money. They should learn not to waste money on unnecessary demands. Most of the times a kid see other things available with another kid and they want it for themselves without realising if they need it or not. In such cases parents should make the kids understand the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’

There could be many more techniques which could benefit the kids. Parents have to keep this in mind that if they will try to be strict with the kids then these techniques will not work and may strain the relationship between them and push the kids to the wrong direction and they may revolt. The relationship between parents and kids should be friendly.

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10 thoughts on “How To Make A Balance Between Discipline & Strict Order Among Kids”

  1. These are some true and important pointers , well said. Scheduling and important of participation is helping us a lot to create a balance

  2. Parents have to find a balance between disciple and pampering. There has to be certain rules that kids have to follow.

  3. I do agree with you we need to have a fine balance between discipline and strictness. Even I try to do that in our house and maintain peace and good health of kids at home.

  4. Such an inspiring and informative tips you’ve got there! Very useful especially now that my daughters are at that age where discipline is a must. Parenting is really a challenging part where you’re pulled in different directions.

  5. Ohhh…. I didn’t know this. Now I got it. This is so helpful and useful. This is very nice information. Thank you so much for sharing

  6. Very useful Post. Discipline should there in kids after certain age . Your pointers are so practical and should be followed.

  7. This is something we really take serious. Consize and to the point writing. Need and want something needs to be done from beginning…it will create a wide knowledge about money in their mind and will understand which is more important and why.

  8. It’s very important to teach kids discipline. This article is a must read for all parents out there. Thank u for this article

  9. Thank you for sharing how to make a balance between discipline & strict order among kids. This blog is a must read for all parents out there. Thank u for this blog post.

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