How To Make Your Kids Eat Homemade Foods

For a mother, it’s really a tough task to make her kids eat healthy food, but giving up is not at all in the dictionary of a mother. Mother are superwomen and they always have a solution of each and every problem. I still remember how my mom made me eat healthy and home made food only. Though she always apply some technique on me or promise to give me some treats, like if you drink tea your skin will turn black, if you eat out food, you will get a pimple. Being a little girl at that time I tend to be quite concerned about my skin and face (even I am quite concerned now as well πŸ˜‰ ), so I use to listen to my mother and hence prefer to eat only healthy food prepared by my Mom at home.

But when it comes to my kids it was really difficult for me, as this generation kids are more smarter than us. But then I never believe in giving up, and moreover it’s about their health, so I can I ignore that.

I have followed some rules, which I am sharing with you today, hope it will work for you :

1) It’s our duty to check which food to buy and which not to buy. Kids will demand for less nutritious food as they are more tastier, but it’s our duty to see which food to store in fridge and cupboard as when they feel hungry they will search in these two places only. But still, sometimes we should buy their favourite snacks no matter if it’s not nutritious so that they feel good and not deprived.

2) Kids feel good to be pampered so ask them which food they want to have and give them the option to decide itself. You can sometime take kids for shopping.

3) Always serve the food in an innovative and different way, and of course do offer them a new food but never force them to eat, just ask them to have a few bites to taste if they like it or not.

4) It’s not true that kids only like food such as pizza, burger. In fact, my kids do not love fast food quite much but yes they do love to try new foods every time they go outside. So always offer new food to them, ask them to have a little and you can join them as well.

5) Never serve sweets daily in dinner, because when it comes as a prize they will always ask for ice cream or cakes which is not good in daily routine. Taking care of kids health is our responsibility. So you can balance it by giving it on a weekly basis or twice a week.

6) If they are full and the food is still left in the plate please don’t force them to have all the foods. We parents grow up in the rule like to clean up the plate, so don’t do that otherwise they will have less interest in food.

7) Food many not be interesting sometimes, but your care, hugs and affection can make it more interesting. So instead of giving them food as a reward, give them a kiss and hug and always praise them with love and not with food

8) If you want your kids to eat healthily then you should also start eating healthy as it’s said they will follow your path only. So try to set the best example and add nutritious snacks, and never skip meals.

9) Cut down or limit the screen time and computer time for kids, so they will be more active.

This is what I do with my kids in daily life which really help me, though I have to give them maggi sometimes but then it’s a deal to eat healthy food before then only they are allowed to have their favourite Maggie.

Hope this article will help you to make your kids start loving home made food. Do try to be little innovative while making food dishes it will make them crave more to eat.

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39 thoughts on “How To Make Your Kids Eat Homemade Foods”

      1. Developing healthy eating habits has become a challenges for parents these days it is actually not a challenge. We have to make few changes in our style. Like you said cooking food what they like once in a while will keep their interest in eating. Not leaving food in the plate is what we stricktly follow but that doesn’t mean they have to fill themselves even if they r full Instead I encourage them to have a small portion which they are sure to finish. They can always take a second serving.

  1. Thanks Priyal for sharing such useful tips. I am sure that these tips are surely going to be helpful for all the mothers.

    1. Trying my best to come up with good parenting tips which I am dealing or facing in real life . And would love to learn from others

  2. These are all wonderful tips Priyal. I can see they come straight from a mother’s heart!

  3. Wow, these will surely help me in the future. Bookmarked this one. I will share this one with my bestie as her daughter is the same when it comes to food πŸ™
    #WeeklyBloghop #bloghop #GWNxMG

  4. These are such wonderful tips, Priyal, will be really helpful for mothers dealing with this issue. I will also try some of these tips as Nemit has become so notorious & fussy in eating homemade food nowadays.

  5. This is quite a detail article. Thanks for those practical tips. My kid is usually a picky eater though he remains away from junk but Yes I have a tough time to make him eat healthy stuff as well.

  6. Very nice tips and great post
    Moms need to be creative and tricky to feed kids veggies and other nutrients. I have with time learned this skill of hiding stuff in parathas, sandwiches, and idlis too at home.

  7. With the kind of increase in junk food industry, it is not easy but definitely important for moms make sure that our kids eat healthy and homecooked food as much as possible. I loved these tips and would surely apply some in our day to day life.

  8. very important points highlighted by you, I do most of it however I fail in food presentation part. I am not creative on that side, trying though.

  9. Wow.. that’s some hot topic for mom’s of toddlers… I have got some amazing information from this article. Thanks for sharing .

  10. Thanks for the post. I think what works best in my case is setting a healthy example and involving kids in buying and preparing healthy food.

  11. Important points . It is good to set an example by ourselves eating nutritious home-made food .

  12. Thanks for sharing this post as it would be helpful to many moms. Healthy eating is all we want for kids and all your tips are really e easy-to-follow. I always try to give my daughter homemade food in different forms as it attracts her framing stories also helps a lot.

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