How To Take Care of your Frizzy and Dry Hair this Monsoon

Taking care of dry and frizzy hair during monsoons could be very challenging, as humidity makes your frizzy hair extra unruly. Taming your dry mane especially in the Indian subcontinent rainy season is a daunting task. Hair problems like increased frizz, dandruff, hair breakage, and hair-fall are pretty common during rainy season.

However, markets are flourishing with products ready to help you in any situation and time of the year. All you need to know is – how to use these products and when?

Indian Hair Care Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.58% during the forecast period (2022-2027), as per mordointelligence. This clearly shows we take our hair business very seriously, keeping fun aside, lets jump on to the tips on how to take care of dry and frizzy hair during monsoon season.

Avoid getting your hair wet in the rain –

Though rain brings respite from sweltering heat, it also makes hair look dull and frizzy. Humidity adds porosity in the hair, making the cuticles swell and increased friction. This is the main reason of hair fall, and hair breakage during rainy season. Perspiration and humid climate also make dandruff in the scalp; hence you need to keep hair dry during rains. Avoid getting hair wet or damp in rains, even if you get drenched in the rain, make sure to shampoo hair thoroughly and use a good conditioner.

Don’t forget deep conditioning your hair –

Even if it’s rainy season, your body and hair require proper hydration to stay healthy. Conditioning is a very important part of hair-care routine, and must not be skipped post washing hair. Apply a good deep conditioner (depending on the hair length and requirement) available in the market to avoid hair-breakage and dry scalp. During rainy season wash hair with lukewarm to cold water, it helps in absorbing the moisture from the conditioner.

Use deep conditioning hair masks for extra softness, moisture, and to rebuild the hair bonds. Bi-weekly or once a month deep conditioning will help you further reduce the hair frizz and dryness.

Choose your Shampoo wisely –

As you know market is full of brands, hair products with fancy names and ingredients claiming to be better then the other. Be wise and choose your shampoo carefully, excess use of chemicals make hair vulnerable to breakage and dryness. Pick the one with natural ingredients and milder on hair. If you suffer from extreme dry hair, avoid chemical shampoo all together and stick to all-natural or ayurvedic products.

Say Bye-Bye to heat styling and chemical treatments –

Chemically treated hair and heat styling make hair prone to breakage, humidity in rainy season attacks vulnerable hair which results in dry and frizzy hair. Avoid heat-styling, rigorous rubbing with the towel, and chemical hair colours. Air dry your hair, use a micro-towel or cotton tee-shirt for hair-drying post shampoo. Keep chemicals at bay for these three to four rainy months.

Dodge the hair brushes or use a hair-detangler comb –

Almost all hair brushes add friction on hair while combing/brushing. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle hair or get a detangle brush to avoid further breakage. Brushing hair when they are wet is a strict no-no unless you have curly-hair person and following curly-girl-approved method. Always detangle hair from the ends using wide-toothed comb/brush, moving towards the crown area.

Oiling hair regularly helps in scalp nourishment –

Keep ‘champi’ handy, as hair tend to get dry, frizzy during monsoons it is crucial to oil your hair regularly. Use warm coconut hair oil, almond oil, ayurvedic composition oil with natural ingredients for light hair massage, leave it overnight or apply 30 minutes before shampooing. Stick to light and easy to absorb hair oils during rainy season.

Use anti-frizz products –

The anti-frizz products are used by hair stylists to seal the open bonds and smooth the hair texture. Now you can also use the same product to bring down the frizz drastically and manage your unruly frizzy hair in few seconds. These products are made with essential oils and protein based and are absolutely safe for hair.

Keep a simple hairstyle or hair cut –

A ponytail, braid, or bun is the best way to manage your hair in monsoons. These hairstyles will prevent your hair from getting dry, frizzy, and tangled. Also, a right style will give you a neat and clean look too.

Monsoon haircut is also necessary, make sure your hairdresser is aware of the requirement. Keep a simple cut to manage your hair frizz and dryness. Split-ends require regular cutting during the wet months.

Conclusion –

This monsoon, keep your hair frizz free and manageable by following these easy tips and tricks. Apart from using the right product, and haircare routine your health is also very important. Follow a healthy and active lifestyle, balanced diet and right intake of macro-micro nutrients. You may also consult a hair-care expert for hair supplements and multi-vitamins.

Stay happy, and say NO to dry-frizzy hair.


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