How To Take Care Of Your Skin & Hair

With the season of Winter going in full swing and the pollution in the city or I can say in the country is increasing at an alarming rate, it becomes quite important to take proper care of our body as health is the real wealth.
Because of this the worst affected part of our body are our hairs and the skin. We want our hairs to be lustrous and our skin to maintain its natural glow but things doesn’t go in the way in which we desire. All of us human beings face this problem once in a lifetime for sure. Am I right?

I was no exception to this problem. In order to balance my personal and professional life in best way possible, I missed taking proper care of my skin and hairs and hence their condition started deteriorating at a fast pace and I was quite worried what to do now? I consulted my friends, family doctors and my mother-grandmother for finding ways to ensure proper care of hairs and skin.

So in this article of mine, I will be enlisting some of the tried and tested methods through which you can ensure to maintain the natural glow of your skin and also the luster and health of your hairs.


Many stimuli in the external environment results in the release of Reactive Oxygen Species that damage the cells and make them age faster. Intake of anti-oxidants neutralizes these ROS and ensure to maintain the health of the hair and skin.


For the care of skin you can use sunscreens moisturisers, primers and foundations that contain SPF which will help you to protect against sun damage and premature aging. Use heat protection sprays and serums when styling your hair so that sun’s heat doesn’t affect them.


With every cell, tissue and organ in our body needing water to function effectively, water makes upto 60% of our bodies. To see the results in your hair, skin and overall health it is advised to drink atleast eight glasses of water everyday.


Extra stress and anxiety can adversely effect your body and can result in many unwelcoming changes such as increase in hairfall and acne. So it becomes important to take proper time to relax down and destress yourself as it will help both for outer appearance and sound mind. From a regular exercise, meditation or even pampering yourself in free time can also do wonders.


Right amount of nutrients are a prerequisite for proper functioning of cells. Nutritional deficiencies can cause hair and skin problems. Infact nutrients ensures overall growth of body. You can try out the Nature Sure Premium Kalonji Black Seed Tablets
for Men and Women.

These tablets are made from high quality natural ingredients. Each tablet of this product contains 300mg of 100% pure extract of Kalonji which is also known as Black Seed, or Nigella sativa. Daily use of these tablets helps strengthen your body from the inside, protect it against several health risks, provide antioxidants and purify the blood.

Some of the benefits of these tablets are:
• Helps rejuvenate body and mind, stimulate brain and digestive health
• May be used as an adjuvant for managing diabetes, regulate sleep cycle
• Helps regulate blood pressure & heart health
• Believed to strengthen joints & bone health

Hope the above listed methods will help you to ensure proper health for your skin and hairs. Do not forget to share your experience in the comments section below. For any queries or doubts please feel free to contact via social media channels or you can leave a message in the comments below. Wishing you sound health!! Bub-Bye.

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  1. Sahi baat hai, sabhi kuch care karne per bhi supplements ki jarurat hoti hi hai thanks for sharing

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