Indulge In Coolest Fragrances With Reed Diffusers From Nayra India

Hola Fellas! Sending warm wishes to all of you……Wishes that are as warm as the sun shining outside!!!! #JustJoking. As already mentioned in my last post, the summer season has not completely started but the heat of our beloved Suraj Dada is already compelling us to stay indoors. Hence, it becomes important to have the most appropriate household ambience to help the family members to relax and uplift their mood. The well-being of the family rests on a few health factors and the majority of them are related to positive vibes. Aroma diffusers are one such option that fits in with most of the families. So, in this post of mine, I will be discussing about my recent purchase i.e. Reed Diffusers from Nayra India.



Launched in India in February 2019 after 6 year long R&D, Nayra has crafted a wide range of room fragrances that makes the home memorable and office more bearable. Nayra India gets everything that a person needs to adorn his/her home, office and the travel between the two. Apart from the room fragrances, Nayra India also crafts eco-friendly jute shopping bags that come with sophisticated designs and are sure to add elegance to your everyday attire.


Preferences for fragrances are highly personal and Nayra values the unique taste of people. Keeping in mind the customers inclination to various aromas and reed sticks, Nayra has classified them under different headings to make things easier for customers. 

The best thing about the diffuser from Nayra is that they are composed of quality fragrance, marshaled with exquisite handmade flowers i.e. a Magical Flower, that changes color. The diffuser freshens the air and spreads a soothing aroma.

Customers can choose a fragrance reed diffuser or an aroma oil as per their preference and the best part is that Nayra’s products are quite affordable as well when compared to its peers. 


Recently, while surfing on the internet, I came across NYRA India and was pretty impressed to see their amazing collection. I ordered the Timber Softy Diffuser from them. The product arrived in a nice packaging. All you need to do is unpack the product and put the flower inside the liquid filled bottle and then get ready to witness the magic as the flower changes its color from white to different shades of red in a few hours. The fragrance diffused by the flower is sure to keep your ambience enriched for a minimum 30 days. One can enjoy the exotic fragrance even after the liquid gets finished, till the flower becomes dry. Beside spreading the awesome fragrance, Nayra Magical Flower Diffuser also acts as Colour therapy. Color therapy uses color and light to treat physical or mental health by balancing the body’s energy centers.



Nayra Magical Flower Diffuser is indeed a great option to bring positivity in home/work place with exquisite aroma. The diffuser has astrological benefits as well. I have been using the diffuser for the last 20-25 days and I am completely happy with my purchase. I would definitely recommend you to try this product to spread the fragrance as Fragrance has a permanent place in memory.



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