Is Using Internet – A Boon Or Bane ?

In today’s world, internet has became an essential part of our life. It has a great influence in our lives. From shopping online to giving us chance to learn various things while relaxing on the couch, all is now possible with internet. Internet has certainly made everyone’s life easy, but as it said that everything has its positive and negative consequences, same is the case with internet as well. So the question arises whether using internet is good or not?

When computer come in our life, everyone was against it, that it will ruin everyone’s life but to its contrary computer brought so many positive changes in our life. Letting us connect to people from different corners of the world and share our views through social networking sites, life seem to be impossible without computer. Everything in today’s time is computerized.

Even communication has become quite easy all due to internet. Sending emails, locating our favorite movies and music, transferring money through bank, skipping the long queues by making the bill payment online, internet has added so much convenience to our lives.

Here are the few sectors in which the role of internet has been quite significant:

* Telecommunications

* Schools & Colleges

* Payment of Bills

* Airways

* Bank

* Railways

* And Many More

Without the use of internet life seem to be very difficult, Internet has made it easier for us to multitask. Ordering food, shopping, managing bank accounts, office job can all be done effectively in a similar span of time. With the advent of new technologies it has become quite easier to talk face to face with each other yet being miles away.

Though the benefits offered by internet are numerous, but at the same time it is harmful as well for the human mind.

Students instead on focusing their assignments, try to copy it from internet as Google has the answer to almost every question. As a result their thinking capacity gets reduced.

There are so many sites which are for videos, photo, movies and some sharing personal life, infact there are some websites which change the mindset of youngster and divert their mind from their career.

Internet has become a kind of addiction and once a person falls prey to it, it becomes difficult for him to get out. Gaming sites, social networking sites and even gambling sites…….such addictions are hard to get rid off. With the advent of internet and social networking sites, people now getting more engrossed in the virtual world and hence the real life moments are getting reduced. Online scams are also one of the negative point of internet.

No doubt there many sites which helps to improve the knowledge, business and social responsibilities of youngsters, but at the same time there are some dating and chatting site too, which are really harmful for the youngsters. These adversely affects and spoil their mind and consequently they forget about their social responsibilities.

There should be some step taken by Government to control about this. As we all know our country is famous for culture , tradition and worship . so it becomes important for the government to monitor the websites which are used by the most of the people . I feel government should propose a strict law against these unwanted websites

And here parents also play a necessary role, they should always monitor their child and check whether there kids are using internet for good knowledge or not. It’s better to always have an eye on them to avoid any dangerous consequence afterwards. Now a day’s a game is very famous which lead the player to death. So we must be very strict when it comes to letting our kids use internet.

Money matters more in today’s time. Many sites owners are providing unwanted content on their websites so as to get cheap publicity and earn money. So one should be careful about this and must think about family values, culture and all.

Atlast, I would like to sum it up by saying that internet is a boon if used accurately and as a medium of information but activities like hacking or phishing makes it a bane. It totally depend on how we are using it. There are always a two sides of a thing. On one hand, internet give us so much information and give us chance to learn many things while on the other hand it can lead us on the wrong path.

Finally we can say that Internet has proved to be a great boon for our country. Yes that’s true. If we neglect the harm done by some unwanted websites and concentrate on the positive aspects of internet, we can certainly lead our country on the path of progress by making it a digital India pretty soon.

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    1. There ar lot of benefits of the internet and we can avoid bad part of the internet . It is possible. So in my opinion it is a noon.

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